DM: Geokhan
Level: 5-9
Party: Marcus Wellspring, Bardy, Shrieker, Gau, Astray, Faeona and Zugall

I thought this would be a easy mission, Deliver something between the towns that we have established roads for. . . forget the inability to use the portal. But it was almost as if the contents of the box drew danger to us like a beacon, and I found myself wondering if the roads have been this dangerous for some time as most of us Adventurers utilize the portals, I think we should set up a Routine sweep of the roads to try and clear them of potential danger.
This sentiment is backed up by the fact that on the first day not too far out of town on our way to the outpost we came upon the aftermath of a horrible battle, between soldiers and gnolls these corpses attracted Carrion eaters not just the creature that has earned the name but others types as well. Including a two headed bul….

We later in our travels came upon a tower, that we are fairly certain had not been on the road before, but in fairness how often do we travel these roads now? While I was more concerned with how to organize more sweeps of the Road so that the common folk would be able to walk unhindered those in my party conversed with Danny Voy the owner of the tower.

Continuing on we investigated a house that looked as if Giants had used it as a play thing throwing boulders thru it. inside we found cows, giant bug, and a hag. . . so close to the roads this is unacceptable.

A quick stop at the trade post we loaded up on supplies and headed for port. However we were ambushed by Undead that looked more suited to be in the desert than the blistering cold of our winter. A disembodied voice yelled at us about Vongrimath’s army.

We need to do better my friends
Stay safe out there
Marcus Wellspring