Party: Marcus, Balthier, Tenfoll’at, Bardy, Zugall, Griters

“Luck is what we make it, not what is thrust upon us. You’ve shown initiative and it has nothing to do with luck.” -George Bellairs

Mission: Investigate whats at the end of the Rainbow near PM

Day 1: We headed to the docks to get a ship to take us to the ‘end’ of the rainbow off the coast of PM. We did spot some ruins in the ocean but didn’t take the time to scout them. We eventually followed the rainbow to a small island where odd music could be heard. We set up camp and it was pretty peaceful.

Day 2: We made land fall again. Now we are following the rainbow to find something. We eventually made it to the end of the rainbow where a pot of gold was lying. I used my Blessing of J’an to help me see more clearly. There was a Leprechaun and a pot of gold. Who would have thought. We ended up having to fight the bugger and I almost had him right at the beginning but by some divine intervention the thing survived. Then it was a long fight as it poofed in and out of existence. We grabbed its coins and headed out. While trying to take a rest before scouting out the ruins we saw earlier we were attacked by air and water elementals. After we fought them off a massive group of water elementals along with some type of Elder Elemental chased us down. We rowed for our lives the whole way to Port Mirandia. End of Log.