DM: Tam
Session Date: 1/30/2021

Another cold Winter morning greeted us as we gathered to reply to a call for help from a farmer, Heading out from Port Mirandia the saving grace of this morning would be that this trip was not very far out, Now when I hear Giant Toad I normally do not think of something that could swallow me whole, but maybe something the size of a Dog would be Giant for a Toad… This Island may bring new definitions to the way I think.

There is no moment like when you are staring into the maw of a creature that you use to catch as a kid and realizing that at any moment it may just swallow you and not care.. .

At First the Mission was simple, Dispatch the toads, keep a look out for Ophilia Daughter of the Farmer Lear. However, When I saw these Gargantuan toads swim with unbelievable speed and jump unbelievable distances for their Bulk, I decided we must bring them back with us to see if they could be tamed. Managing to knock them out and keep them alive with a little bit of Divine Intervention from the Lord on the Rack, we managed to bring them back with us. This however was not before we were met with a Vengeful Dead, it turns out that Ophelia had been murdered and deposited in the lake, we had been too slow in getting there to save her. Her soul unable to rest must have animated her body and began lashing out at the closest being, poor sneaker was fooled by the visage of the creature and passionately embraced her/it with a kiss.

Brave Sneaker had fished this body out of the cold water just to be enchanted by it.

Our party was able to determine where Ophelia had met her end on the edge of the pond and followed tracks back to a Bandit Camp, we were met with Hostilities, as such Capture was not an option, and we were forced to dispatch them.

On our way back we ran into some people who talked about the Gruff Gruff, a Hobgoblin tribe that resides within the forest.

Today was a good day, no one died, Be safe out there my friends
Marcus Wellspring