Ipwet told us to move on, we have come so far. Our friends, our sisters and brothers would not want us to give up or it would all have been for nothing, we must go forth, or so she told us but Khafra seems to have fallen ill, he has a fever of some sort though it is different from the sickness that took hold of Ipuki I worry for my twin brother.

Many days travel and we have made it past the mountain range, following a new river, a normal river this time. We have setup camp and then we will head south in the morning searching for the dark mountains for they should be in this region. I watched the sunset with my brother Khafra and we talked for hours, until the moonlight struck our fur. He is strong and he is wise but under his fa├žade I sense great fear, something is wrong with him but he will not speak to me about it, Ipwet has made the fever subside and his wound has been cleaned but what stole might be troubling him somehow or someway. As I pleaded to Khafra that I wanted to help him he only shushed me and told me everything is fine and we would soon be together with our family after we have should this artifact to a buyer at the Dark Lake, I just hope it is worth betraying our empire for.

As I went to sleep I woke up to screams yet again, Khafra has run off in the middle of the night, not wanting to harm us he has run towards the east towards the lake, I ran after him for hours but he screamed and begged as he ran that we do not follow him for he is not himself anymore, he does not want to become like Ipuki. As he ran he began pulling off his clothes and jumped into the lake in the darkness we only saw him go down and under, when we tried to find him at night we could not find him, no bubbles not even a body.