This cage is vast, it has no walls, it is white all around me, yet I should be where my lord wants me to be. The sky is blank, there is no life in this place. I can move as long as I choose but should I stop even for a moment I am snapped back to this spot.

I am forever dammed here, I am not good enough, I have failed my lord as I know he has a task for me yet I do not know what it is or where I should go but I know the task is important and it must be done.

I saw a creature drinking something and looking at a piece of paper, it fell down in shock, it spoke of weird logs and asked who wrote these pieces of paper, as he spoke and spoke this sound was inviting and new, while it sits there another creature came to it and spoke to it, yet they ignore me.

They walk past me.

They drink and play

Yet they do not acknowledge me even though I stand beside them.

I was unaware that I possed a mouth, or vocal cords, or any mechanism to make noise. Though I knew I drew breath,  the emptiness around me provided suprisingly little auditory feedback when the air rushed into my lungs. Desptise this, sound was not only possible but also inviting. After hearing them talk to me, I felt it was my duty, no my right to destrooy the silence I had known for so very very long.

What began as a whiper barely audible grew and grew as I become more and more emboldened by my newfound abilities. Soon, I was shooting.

See me


Acknowledge my excistance

For I scream and cry for your attention may it be given to me

I am your guide

I am brought into this world so you might find the power that is hidden within.

How I knew this, is still uncertain to me, but when I spoke I knew I was right and I knew I must tell them.

A dangerous champion has rissen.

My lord does not favor this new champion as he favors your kind.

This champion is more dangerous then any faced before.

…I will not stop screaming until I am free.