We should not have done it, why were we such fools stricken with greed. Ipwet promised us a fortune but we have been running through the desert without supplies, lost and on the run. It has been so long and difficult. It had been weeks if not months since we were chased out of our homes as thieves, we were in search of riches and magical artifacts. We were fools, never should we have stolen what was deemed un-stealable. It was so easy to take but the price soon showed us why it was considered un-stealable for how you possess can something that has no physical form. We found a place to rest, a very friendly young lady greeted us and gave us shelter. Without her we would have surely died. Magic flowed through her veins as she made shelter for us, a large red tent where we rested for many nights. She seemed to enjoy the company of Khafra as they spend many moon nights talking, as we departed, they promised to meet again.

We headed North, for we knew of a passage on the other side of the mountains but unable to pass, unwilling to let us in, the tribe between the mountains send us on our way or hang by their bridge to keep our kind away. Years, so many generations and still they do not see our kind in any favorable light for our wars were bloody.

Through raiders ridge we moved, slowly, we were un-wanting of the attention this region brings to those ill-prepared, it took us many moons to pass this place without incident, but we made it passed their tribes, past their hunting areas and past their raiding camps. We were headed East for West we left behind, the empire and the bugs be dammed, stuck in their ways unwilling to embrace change for this power, stuck in their hunger only wishing to consume all living things.

Under the river we went, the fish above us, the earth below us, large foul snakes, and worms in between, the desert heat was so pleasant compared to this hell hole. Ships above dumping their garbage, dumping dead. It only serves to attract and feed the monsters below. This place is wrong, tainted and defiled but hidden out of sight. It came out of nowhere, Ipuki did not even have time to react, before it ripped off its arm and part of his torso, I have seen him fight many warriors, he could hold his own, it scurried away with his arm. This under tunnel system may be the death of us, we wanted to avoid the patrols but it I do not think Ipuki has much time left. We burned the wound shut but he has a fever unlike any I have seen. A couple days have passed, it seems he has recovered somewhat. We are setting up one final camp before tomorrow’s push and then we should be out of this hell hole.

WE SHOULD NEVER HAVE COME HERE Amunet is dead, as is Chibale and Olabisi, I woke up to the screaming but from what I have heard black ichor has started dripping from the wound of Ipuki as they tried to cut the rotten flesh it began to move and attached itself to one of them, it buried itself into them at it went all down hill from there. Khafra was stung by something while we were running away, he says he is fine but the wound seems to be infected. What ever it is it was different from what Ipwet saw, she swears she saw the creature again with its elongated head and long sword like arms. It was watching us from a distance. Ipwet, Khafra, I and some of our warrior slaves are that are left. Even though we made it out of that hell hole I do not know how far we can still make it with such a small group, we are headed to the new and unfamiliar mountains, hoping to find something on the other side of the mountain side which we can use to get our direction.