Tl;dr: Adventurers ascend the recently discovered Bone Tower southwest of Port Mirandia. To no one’s surprise, the tower of bone is crawling with undead. Four floors of bone on bone action. Bone tower ends up destroyed in a cloud of white dust. No casualties with Friend The Zombie surviving intact.
Adventuring tip: Sometimes necrotic damage works on undead, sometimes it does not.

Session Title : Chapter 08: Hiking In The Wilds
Session DM : Waylander
Session Date : 25 May 2021 @ 17:00

“Cartographer” Barry (Fighter 3/Cleric 1)
Dakka Doon (Fighter 4)
“Trailblazer” Danivoy (Druid 4)
“Leader” Gorstag (Grave Warden 4) with Friend The Zombie
“Chronicler” Manfred (Warlock 2)
“Scout” Zanovar (Warlock 1, Wizard 2)

Barry and group meet at Potted Plant in Port Mirandia, with intent to explore tower of bone discovered on previous journey. Barry and group cross bridge southwest. Scout Zanovar sees many dinosaur and Druid Danivoy run up and talk to them, cast many spell at them and climb on one. Druid Danivoy name it Beto.

Barry and group arrive at tower of bone. Tower roughly 60 feet tall, some windows. Barry and group find locked door at south side of tower. Scout Zanovar knock on door, shout at door. Door click then unlocked. Many undead inside. Barry and group fight. Barry and group win fight. Barry and group take short break outside. Druid Danivoy make Beto try to bring tower down with tail, not work. Barry and group ascend stair.

Up the stair Barry and group find more undead. Two big minotaur undead form from many bone on ground. Barry and group fight. Barry and group win fight. Barry lift gate that block way while Goblin Dakka Doon unlock other gate. Barry and group find more stair. Barry and group go up stair.

On third floor Barry and group find unlocked door. Goblin Dakka Doon open door, see something run away. Barry and group follow and hear screaming. Barry and group follow faster, go up more stair. Upstair, we see symbol on floor and throne. Human female screaming as blade drawn toward her neck by Evil Necromancer. Evil Gorstag and Evil Necromancer talk necromancy. Evil Necromancer name Irdork, ask if Barry and group would join cult worshipping Vongrimath.

Barry say no. Group say no. Irdork not like our no. Ask Barry and group to leave so he can finish ceremony. Barry and group say no. Irdork send minion at us. Barry and group fight. Barry and group kill Evil Necromancer, Druid Danivoy rescue human female with Beast Spirit and then human female throw ball of fire at Barry and group. Ball of fire hurt, a lot. Barry and group realize human female is actually undead human female and focus our might on her.

After undead human female is dead-dead human female, Barry and group finish rest of undead. Barry and group find chest of stuff in backroom. Find altar with rune that glow but Barry and group can not read. Barry think group write down rune to show other people. Evil Gorstag take dead-dead human female head for some reason. Druid Danivoy announce intent to destroy symbol on floor, Barry and rest of group run before he can start. Next thing Barry know, tower collapsing. Barry and group safely get out, then return to Port Mirandia. Druid Danivoy friend Beto does not follow Barry and group back.