DM: Calmseeker

Party: Zugall, Don, Tenfoll’at, Griters, Horace, Oros, Murdrum
Mission: Clear an undead coven

Day 1: We headed out from Ruined Oak. Travel and camp was quiet.

Day 2: We had another peaceful day of travel and we fought a wyvern at camp and met a half elf named Berien. He said he had an urgent message for Ruined Oak. We decided to head back to Ruined Oak.

Day 3: Travel and camp was peaceful.

Day 4: We arrived in Ruined Oak and rested there for the night. In the morning Berien told us his uncle was Vorimor and he lost track of his father near the undead coven. Greyford is apparently his name and that he needs help clearing the coven. The undead coven is apparently known as Castle Moore.

Day 5: We headed out from Ruined Oak. Travel and camp was peaceful.

Day 6: Travel was peaceful and camp was uneventful.

Day 7: We arrived at Castle Moor where the undead coven supposedly resides. We entered the castle through a makeshift bridge of what seems to have been a dragon of sorts. We decided that we would clear from the top down. We ran into the first encounter inside the castle. It was just a few skeletons and they went down with relative ease. We went down a trapdoor and there was a crystalline bridge that spanned a one hundred foot gap. At the other side was a locked gate. When we neared the gate a scale of colossal size appeared. Griters identified it and we found out we needed to balance the scales to open the door. As we balanced them the gate was unlocked. The next room we ended up fighting some creatures that a note referred to as Zerg. We learned that they seem resistant to Acid. One was gargantuan in size and the other was the queen known as Nahim according to the note. After that we searched the rest of the rooms and found Greyford who is apparently a cleric of Lathandar. We then went down the trapdoor where the Zerg came from and fought the vampire and killed him after he tried to grapple me. That was his last mistake. After finishing him we followed up and found his coffin where we laid him to rest permanently.

Day 8: We traveled and found a man with some scratches up his back. He went scouting towards White Moon Cove and he said that White Moon Cove is under the control of a Black Dragon. Camp was uneventful.

Day 9: We set out towards Ruined Oak and finally after almost ten days we made it back. Greyford said that he would become the healer of Ruined Oak. He is capable of casting up to Greater Restoration, Raise Dead, and Remove Curse.