DM: Geokhan
Ithrael (Me), Katla Gyrdottir, Alister (and Yuna), Xavier

TLDR; We fought origami people made by a dragon, met some nice shape-changing catfolk, and had a fight with some man-eating orcs in their cave until we were forced to retreat. Also there’s a magical abjuration monolith along the road West, needs some studying.

A previous venture into the wilds Southwest of Port Mirandia brought us face-to-face with a specter of whom had been slain by an orc once known to have possession of the magical crown we retrieved from the Jester.

Our party had made a promise to this specter to slay the orc in question, to avenge it. Thus, we departed from town to make good on this promise. A promise that would prove difficult to deal with. We found many challenges, some we overcame easily, and others we overcame with the aid of new potential friends.

Firstly: we encountered creatures made of paper. Humanoid in shape, but folded like origami. Their obvious weakness that we discerned was to fire. Magical fire, at the least. They were dispatched swiftly. We came to learn that they are minions created by a dragon, perhaps also West-Southwest of Port Mirandia, compelled to bring ‘gifts’ to this dragon. These paper creatures are dangerous.

Secondly: We came upon two friendly creatures we have learned are called the Nkosi. The two we met, though hesitant with information, gave the names Tear and Claw. They sought to slay these paper creatures, and fortunately felt indebted to us when we took care of them instead. These two catfolk have the ability to transform, or polymorph, or simple shape-change into lions. I do not know if this is available to all Nkosi, but Tear and Claw displayed this ability in our final parting.

Finally, the core of our adventure: we encountered the orcs in question. Typical as orcs go, violent and dangerous. They seem to kidnap and steal from travelers along the Western road. The travelers, unfortunately, are consumed by these orcs. They reside in a cave, a short several miles Northwest of the end of the road, defended by watchtowers and several goblins and orcs.

They utilize weapons doused in various poisons. I am uncertain if there are more than just one kind, but there is confirmed to be a paralyzing poison. A type of poison that seems designed to ‘preserve’ the body of their prey; this is most likely for saving the victim for later consumption. Given the tools at their disposal, and their favorable position within the cave, we eventually lost favor in battle and were forced to retreat with the aid of our new friends Tear and Claw.

Research Note: There is a large monolith, made of a black metallic substance, marked with weathered runes. These runes were unrecognizable to me, well-versed in Common, Elvish, Dwarvish, and Celestial. But that is not to say they were simply illegible from many years spent in the wilds.

This monolith is roughly twenty-by-twenty feet, a square shape, and stood at least sixty feet tall. I assume some of this monolith is buried, and could potentially make the monument significantly larger than observed. But it’s major appeal is its magical nature. It reacted to my Light cantrip, I assume, as it began to glow on contact with a Light-marked rock I threw. It hummed gently, and at a touch, felt as if it siphoned heat from my fingertips.

Xavier, my fellow party member, detected Abjuration magic. And though we slept within close proximity of the monolith, no apparent negative or positive effects have fallen upon us. Etchings, and further research can be conducted at a later date.