DM Calmseeker

Amal, Shrieker, Jerime, Marcus, Zugall, and Danivoy

We were told about some trouble on one of the farms, There the farmer reported that about 3 zombies were coming around the farm during the evening and indicated that they were coming from the Northwest. We picked up a trail and started heading that way.

Along the way, we met a ghostly woman and a man playing a harp like instrument. The man said his name was Orpheus and was playing a song to his deceased wife/girlfrend Eurydice who was a reformed banshee. This was in an attempt to calm her, as something was agitating the spirits.

We camp for the night after a longs days journey and during one of the watches, there were some door knobs found. Iis this something concerning the Jamb guy that Dwaff talks about?

The next day we met the head Dyrad named Treyvani in the forest of thorns. leader of fantagoria? She said they works with someone named Oakmesh. She told us that she saw the undead leave the woods and headed south, and during this time she felt the presence of evil fey. As a side note she also wanted dirt from a Port Marandia farm as part of a peace or treaty agreement. She then disappeared into a tree. I think someone else from Port Marandia had promised her this.

Head Dryad Treyvani

Danivoy then used a spell to see through a birds eyes. A group of stones pillars, 8 of them covered in blood.
there were some dead bodies there with an age trap on them. Iron Filings were involved.

Scary Cultist Stones

we camp out and were attacked by some skeletons, ghouls, and a will o wisp. we won

The next day, we came across a lady named Nancy who said her husband disappeared after some undead attacked them, this was while they were looking for herb to treat their son who had a flu.
It turns out she was lying and turned into a hag summoning a quickling and a skeletal ettin.
during the fight she turned into a goat, but then turn back after taking some damage.
she was very freighting, I thought the quickling was going to take us out but Zugal grab him and smash him into the ground.
we finally won and headed back to reported on the success.

Nancy after she revealed herself as a Hag

We still do not know what the stones were about and exactly what the evil fey were up too. Might be worth somebody checking out.