Tier: 1-4
Pre-Trial DM: Waylander
Fair Beginnings: Port Mirandia

The Party:

Heading South and taking a left down the road, we hunt for bandits of which news has reached us.

Finding a footprint, a single footprint taking east, of some one legged giant thing, we followed.

Following the tracks, we encounter a large leathery beast

Slaying the beast, we took a short rest before moving on to look for where to settle camp for the nightA goat wandered to us in the night, as such we let it take rest with us, then its owner a hillgiant arrived looking for it. Returning the goat, the giant gave us directions to some angry goblins to our south.When day came, we began moving south, and we encountered a group of hobgoblins and bugbears running south, we came upon them.Asking who they were, it became clear they were the bandits we were looking for and as such cleaned up house.

We later follow the tracks the bandits left as they came our way, heading north in the same area.
We encountered a fortified cave and fought off more hobgoblins

We slept in the cave after clearing it out, then began headed back. On the way back, we stumbled on a scroll on the ground.Then later we came upon a traveller, who turned out to be a merchant.
Making our return to Port Mirandia a few hours later.

Overall a pleasant walk in the park.