DM: Geokhan
Date: 05 Feb 2021
Levels: 5-9
Mission: The Death Note of Winter

What a motley crew

Today our party struck out to help the Dwarves, our mission, to find their forge. . . Now I don’t know how you lose a forge exactly but apparently they have and we set out to find it. I know in the past I have been fairly long winded, so I am going to try and keep things short, sweet and to the point. No more cataloging every move, if people want me to catalog every move, then please find me and let me know. Alright Back on track here. We tracked south to the mountains where the first noteworthy thing happened we assisted three members of the Blood Eye tribe fend off several gnolls. They had been risking their lives to try and get to Ruined Oak to inform them that the Blood Eye tribe still stood and was strong… I fear this is the opposite and pride is in the way, we should send out a expedition as soon as possible to determine the situation.

The creature above is very dangerous, exterminate with extreme prejudice, waves of supernatural crippling fear radiate out from it, and it once it has a hold of you it does not let you go until it dies.

The Moment we stepped thru the Teleport Circle as instructed by the Dwarves we were met with a horde of creatures, Ranging from Hippogriffs to Undead. Suffice it to say this was a hard won battle, and we made a hasty retreat as soon as we could.

Be Careful my friends,
Marcus Wellspring