Tl;dr : A group of adventurers deliver some sheep to the goblin village south of Port Mirandia. While there, they are tasked to find two missing goblins. Sadly the goblins were found dead in a cave with werebats and wolves. Exploring the cave seemed to lead very deep, possibly to the dangerous Underdark. Instead our adventurers about faced, and decided to try to make friends with the local giant. Sadly, this went poorly, and there is now one less Giant Werebear in the world. No casualties to adventurers to report.

Future Adventure Threads:
•The giant’s home had a door beyond a glyph of magic runes
•There is a possible entrance to the Underdark near the goblin village

Session Title : Chapter 10: Getting Back On The Road
Session DM : Waylander
Session Date : 13 Jun 2021 @ 17:00 UTC

•”Chronicler” and “Trailblazer” Amber (Cleric 4)
Aodh (Barbarian 3)
•”Cartographer” Barren (Sorcerer 2)
•”Leader” and “Scout” Gorstag (Grave Warden 4) with Friend The Zombie
Imogène (Fighter 3)
Kirnis (Warlock 3)

We find Ourselves in place called Port Mirandia. We like the ocean breeze. We meet people who are taking sheep to goblins. We think new experiences are important, so We go with. We find the sheep are slowing travel. We see pack of peaceful dinosaur? We like dinosaurs, We want to see more again.

We don’t get very far during the day, the sheep really slowed us down. We see blackened burned area southeast of us. We think We are close to goblin village but We sleep for the night. We find rabbits and cook them for dinner then watch. We watch but nothing happen, so We wake next watch and then sleep. We wake up and finish the leftover rabbit, then We move southwest.

We find goblin village. Parts of it burned down. The Aodh Entity talks to them but We do not understand. Then the Gorstag Entity talk to bigger, hobgoblin who has hunt trophies all over body, name him “Madaren”. We bring sheep to trade. We get Bloodstone for trade. The Gorstag Entity think this agreeable, so We agree.

Chief Madaran say the missing to goblins, name Duzz and Gryh. He as Us to look for them, but seem like he just want to have to look himself. We agree. He say they went up the northern slope of the hill. We are curious to hear some of group ask about a giant that lives around here. Madaran say he does not know it’s name and would prefer we find the missing before going to talk to the giant.

Giant’s home

We leave village to follow goblin trails to the north. We not sure, but the Amber Entity say the goblins are at some point chased by wolfs. We follow along, and We enjoy the scenic hills. We follow wolf tracks to a cave, with a weird smell, maybe something living within. The Amber Entity does something that let Us see much further in dark then usual. Shortly after We enter the cave, the Aodh Entity spots hostile creature and they attack.

Scenic hillside

We weren’t effective is this fight. We were in the way. We got glimpses of werebats on one side and wolves on the other. We win! We see cave sometimes 20 feet high, and We find bodies. We think might be Duzz and Gryh. We rest, then explore deeper into cave. We see the tunnels twist around and go deeper. We go further and further. We get bored. We want to see new things. We backtrack and collect bodies and return to goblin village.

We not understand again when people talk. We told later Chief Madaran was happy with our efforts, had expected the two goblins to be dead, and was impressed that we had slain some of the werebats. We not sure why, but We follow the others who intend to go see the giant. We go north from the village and start going up the biggest hill. We find a yellow line. We cross it.

We hear the Imogène Entity shout something. We feel the ground shaking as sleepy looking giant appears. The Imogène Entity and the giant talk. She say he wants to be friend and his name is Grog. We think she offended giant cause future conversation was met with raised boulder and aggression.

We took a few moments to close to range with the giant as he tried to throw boulders at Us. When We got close enough to it, it changes shape into a bear. We have now seen a Giant Werebear. One for Our memories. We killed it eventually, the Amber Entity’s moon power seemed particularly effective. We searched the giant’s home and found a locked trapdoor. We looked underneath it and saw storage space and a circle of runes. The Gorstag Entity thought the runes were protecting a door that We could not see. We think other adventurers might be able to come here.

We go back to the goblin village. We tell them that the giant is dead. We celebrate the night with them. We wake in the morning refreshed and travel northwest. We see some direwolves but they stay away. We then start heading northeast, and continue in that direction until we make it back to Port Mirandia.