DM: Calmseeker

Mission: Build Fort Tarnation

Party: Zugall, Marcus, Balthier, Zerdan, Bardy, Griters, Don

Day 1: We set out from Ruined Oak towards the west. While traveling we saw a Pegasus that decided to grace us with its presence. We had a short chat with it and it decided to leave towards the north east. We managed to reach the first outpost without any trouble. Camp was peaceful.

Day 2: During travel we could smell sulfur in the air but travel was uneventful otherwise. While we were camping a hot spring nearby smelled strongly of sulfur as well. Camp was uneventful.

Day 3: We met up with foreman Philbert and his crew. We set out promptly as Bardy told his stories to keep our spirits high as usual. After a full day of travel we had arrived at the site of Tarnation Oupost and we set up camp. We came across a Gargantuan Tree and some of his friends. It seemed like it was being controlled by the Troll with it. They all ended up dying but put up a pretty good fight. Then we set up camp and during the night we fought some elemental being and three purple worms. The rest of the night was uneventful. The workers finished “Tarnation” Outpost.

Day 4: We headed towards the outpost and saved a mother and her son. We stayed the night at the outpost.

Day 5: We continued in the morning and right before we made it to we saw a band of orcs that were indifferent to us. We stayed the night at the outpost.

Day 6: We left in the morning and we made it to Ruined Oak without trouble.