Tl;dr: A road going west of the ZHT portal is built.

Future Adventure Notes:
•Five hexes of road completed, heading due west of the ZHT portal.
Bran Jon Starker has a fort somewhere north or northeast of this road.
•Ice Storm is very effective at killing skeletons.

Session Title: ZHT Roadbuilding for Tiers 3 and 4
Session DM: Calmseeker
Session Date: 17 Jul 2022 @ 02:00 UTC
Session Risk: 6

Barry (Cleric 5/Fighter 5/Wizard 2) with skeletal trio (played by Tootired78)
Dakka Doon (Fighter 12) (played by Le Count)
Gau (Druid 15) (played by Konopa)
Valorean ( Paladin 6/ Sorcerer 10) with Azure the griffon (played by Mal)

Barry not sure what happen. Barry enjoying pleasant ale on warm day, next thing Barry know, Barry freezing cold and in Freezing Forest. Barry discover Barry and group here to protect many worker while build road. Barry think less than day go by, but no one tell Barry.

Worker work all day. Barry hear group talk about some many giant ape, but not see. Then giant violet peach with sweet aroma. Then hear group talk about find Altar of Lathander with hidden compartment, containing ceremonial electrum dagger. Barry think group should not take, Barry know Tempus not want adventurer to take Tempus stuff.

Barry able to see when giant group attack party. Giant talk to Goblin Dakka Doon, one snear at Tempus’ Holy Army, then fight start. Barry and group win, but Barry sad. Frost Giant Sorceress destroy Tempus’ Holy Army with ice rock magic. Barry kill her for vengeance. Barry find enough bone to remake one skeleton.

Night watch pretty quiet. Barry find moth eaten dresses, fix, give to Goblin Dakka Doon in morning. Last watch found dead half-elf hanging from noose on tree branch. Barry use wizard magic Tempus tell Barry learn to read tattoo in Elvish. “For the crime of abandoning post with reckless abandon, sentenced to hanging.” Barry thankful Tempus provide more body to make more Holy Army.

Morning next day, Druid Gau see arcane symbol on tree, say defensive magic. Tree ash tree, special to all druid, something about represent death and rebirth. Barry not listen to druid stuff. Later in day, Barry and group see Giant Lysing-like figure in sky, cloudy face looking down. Barry hope that Cloud Giant princess find Giant Lysing one day, so she stop looking around like that.

Afternoon, Barry and group find three broken stone statue. One man, one woman, each hold sword aloft. Other king on throne, inscrutable look on face. Statue pretty big, nine feet tall. Barry and group use mending magic and slowly fix three statue, mostly repair, but still damaged.

Barry and group and worker and road approach hut made of brick and straw, smoke emitted from roof, weathered damaged wall, and window barricade. Between Barry and group and worker and road and hut, group of wight, who try to get inside hut, but turn around and attack Barry and group. Barry and group win.

After fight, Barry and group knock on door, say undead dead now. Inside hut, human and his men, unharmed, living and no curse. Goblin Dakka Doon know man, name Bran Jon Starker.

Bran Jon Staker

Bran Jon Starker have fort to north, northeast of road, Barry not sure. Had been on patrol with men when wight attack happen. Find refuge in hut, last until Barry and group arrive. Bran Jon Starker surprised to see road built in such inhospitable clime. Barry concur.

Goblin Dakka Doon talk much with Bran Jon Starker. Barry think talk about orc that destroy outpost. How orc hard to find, but think peace talk might be good for region. Goblin Dakka Doon tell Bran Jon Starker to leave message in code at portal should Bran Jon Starker need assistance.

Bran Jon Starker and men stay in hut for night. Barry and group and worker stay outside. Night peaceful. Next morning, worker say road project complete. Barry and group and worker head back to portal. Barry find out some worker nearly die crossing through before when group come through.

Barry and group and worker safely portal back to LAS portal, then make back to Ruined Oak.