Need a log of this as events are moving rapidly. Awhile back went to a farm that had flaming skulls and giant strange beetles attacking it, turns out one of the daughters was communicating with something she didn’t fully understand. Found a strange site underneath with pyramids and strange energy flowing through it like lightning, seen a glimpse of a strange creature that may or may not be this “Master” the skulls claimed to serve. Now this trouble in Lileigh, a whole mess of violence that lead to chaos. Where some deranged Satyr decided to take over who also apparently served this “Master”.

Above Satyr in their true form.

After we dealt with that strange creature I caught a peak at some hellish looking thing that the Satyr had been trying to bring over to our realm.

We seemed to shut it all down in time to keep the ugly bastard on his side of the barrier. Then we followed the instructions inside a cryptic we found to an abandoned mansion, but as we camped for the night we heard strange noises and found an interesting pair of people in a strange mushroom house. They told us little information nearly all of which was cryptic but they seemed not to be our enemies at the very least.

Once we talked about the nights strange encounter we continued on untill we came across a particularly devastated town first where the children and poor folk were addicted to some strange drug and looked no better for it.

The mayor of the town told us some smuggler had been bringing the drug in and Fae and bandits had also been attacking and bothering anyone in the area.


Using the information gathered we started out to discover the bandit camp, which was more of a fort and to much for a head on assault. We heard they needed some supplies and decided to ambush the wagon and then find the place they were heading for supplies. The ambush went terrible and it turned into an all out fight, after taking out the wagons guards we took off to find the place they were heading and hopefully avoid any backup guards. What we found was the mansion we had been sent to find all along.

The place seemed deserted, which is odd as there should have been a whole group of bandits resupplying. One of us scouted inside and found not one person untill they crept down a nearly destroyed basement staircase to find some mad scientist.

After a particularly embarrassing fight in which I was paralyzed we found another cryptic that told us the one who called herself queen of the fae is our next target.

All of us tired and ready to head back to town we made our way after doing some remodeling to the mansion. On our way we came across a strange tree and a armored figure standing before it. He said something about serving the queen of the fae before beheading a Satyr so I think that gives us a good idea where to come back to.

Will update as needed to help this all make sense.