Party: Zugall, Julijonas, Horace, Venford, Murdrum, Amal

Our party met up for a farmers quest at the Potted Plant in Port Mirandia. We introduced ourselves and discussed party tactics and headed on our way to the farm. A short 4 hours later we had arrived to the farm northwest of Port Mirandia. From there Farmer Logan notified us that his sheep were being butchered and dragged off. He was of the idea that they were wolves so we of course prepared for more.

We set up a pitfall trap where we were led to believe the wolves were coming through the wall to get the sheep. Laying in wait the wolves were upon us and into our traps. We killed a few before one revealed itself to be more than just a simple wolf. In our midst the Large Wolf became a Werewolf. Our weapons were useless so I did what any reasonable Half-Orc would do… I picked him up and threw him in the pit we set up earlier. Well that upset the cur and he decided to call his friends. A few seconds later two more werewolves set upon us. We then decided it would be wise for our good health to continue throwing wolves in holes. Finally after we had all the werewolves in the hole we did what any good adventurer would. We torched those wolves and we managed to find a gold locket with a picture of someone in it. We then turned in for the night.

In the morning we asked Farmer Logan about the locket and he told us they were the farmers northwest of him. I believe he said they were called the McDonalds or the McDougals. I cant remember which. Anyhow we went to what was left of their farm and can you guess what we found. Yepp believe it. More werewolves. We couldnt get them all in holes this time but we did get one. The other two were blasted to pieces.

In the end we found a girl by the name of Nia McDonald or McDougal or something. Anyways those werewolves we killed were her parents. So thats kind of awkward. Anyways we took her in and left her with farmer Logan. I gave her the locket that was her mothers and we headed back.

Its unfortunate that we couldnt do more for Nia but this island is unforgiving. It does not discriminate and if anything this should be a reminder to always be on your guard. Any day can be your last. Be safe out there fellow adventurers and if one day I too fall in battle, Drink to me at the Potted Plant and to all those who have been lost to this island we call home.