DM: Calmseeker
Date: 12March2022
Party: Barry, Coral, Kirnis, Nunde
Range: 5-9

-Day: 1

  • Today we gathered to build the GKE watch tower, but the workers seemed to be protesting. something about food poisoning. . .
  • While we sat around discussing with the workers what we could do to get them moving, a farmer approached our group, he was in need of help because his animals had been attacked some monstrosity of a creature killing them.
  • We followed the individual known as Coral, however he proved efficient at getting lost.
  • Stopping for the night, not too far from the watch tower, nunde went hunting and found enough blackberries, herbs, and boar
    having a feast that night we had enough for the morrow as well.
    Hotsprings seem to spring up all over this island, Kirnis is concerned about this in the ocean this indicates a dangerous area
    often fish swim too close and will die.
  • Our first night a Black Carriage pulled by flaming Equines came upon us near dawn. The Elegant gentleman that disembarked introduced himself as a vampire, known as “Earl Sitaris”. Who owns a fishery, using zombies and skeletons as a work force.
    Apparently we hunt a dragon-like creature, monstrosity. These Dragons have gone mad around here. leaving his butler with us “BLuford”
    and insructed us not to sleep within 10ft
Earl Sitaris
Blueford, the butler
Flaming Equine

Day: 2

  • Contuing to chase after these animals, questioning Corals ability to keep us from getting lost.
  • We came across a sign, Coral translated the Dwarven Language for us “Succubus bathwater on sale now for
    100gp per bottle! Genuine subbubi have gotten in this liquide and washed themselves. Great for water torture.
    Contact the followers of Loviatar now to the Cuda Downs for more informaiton.”
  • We moved South west twords the mountain, following the tracks. We almost got to the mountains, when Nunde noticed, maybe almost
    too late that hooded figures came upon us. Their noses incredibly scensitive as they noticed Nunde had bathed within a hotspring..
    able to smell the rosewater. Diplomacy? I suppose that is the correct word for not telling the truth won out this day. Their robes
    had a symbol of a whip on it, and announced themselves as the Cult of Lovitar.
    -We pressed on looking for this menace. Winged Menaces!
Moonstone Dragon
  • Inspecting the caves seemed to be a issue for these creatures, I know them as Moonstone dragons but little else about them. In thier midsts was a younger
    moonstone dragon and some other creature I have never seen before!. and Wyverns, Kirnis was smart knew wyverns in the area! Today Kirnis
    get to fight a Dragonell, a Guard Drake, Wyvern, and dragons! This was a very strange day. Kirnis should not have taken the front today.
Guard Drake

-We managed to fall back and camp, during the night, a well apeared, I drank from it and was able to fly! Sadly I have not figured out how to land yet
and the ground hurts with that sudden stop.


-We started our travels back home, fairly unhindered, Blueford parted ways with the company, at this point. And we pushed onward to the farm.

  • Making our way to the farm was calm waters, resting nearby, we returned to town after.

    ~Kirnis protector of the Depths