DM: Geokhan
Date 2/6/2021

Our party Consisted of

We started off with good intentions probably just like every group does, we decided to see what lays beyond the mountains to the East of Port Mirandia. In retrospect perhaps there is a reason those Mountains are not mapped yet, but that did not stop us. Nor will it stop me in the future. As we headed out we stumbled upon the village of the Gruff Gruff, tho we did not stop by they looked friendly enough mostly fishing and doing other daily life things one would expect. In fact traveling was relatively easy right up until we reached the mountains.
It was at this point that we saw the first of our wonders. A very very young Dragon.

Attempts to talk to the creature met a hungry stare as it tried to figure out the best way to eat us, while this probably surprises no one, it is the creatures that accompanied it that surprised me, whether or not it was a moment of opportunity or coordinated I could not say, however two giant bat like creatures swooped down upon us while emitting a high pitched shrill that distracted even the best of us, making any form of casting nearly impossible. And two.. I must assume fey attempted to cut our throats, while saying “The temple is ours!” We do not know what temple they were talking about. But we did come across a shrine.

The shrine we found was located in the mountains, a single crystal floated above the ground before the entrance to a cave, in Draconic a message “Test of Fire” as we debated what to do… somehow a werewolf appeared amongst us.. I think I should pay more attention to what everyone is doing in the future.

Now this is where it gets intersting, apparently a group patrols these mountains on Wyverns that appear much stronger than normal, and indeed can carry many times what I would think they can. The Riders greeted us, and informed us that this Shrine was to take a test… also they informed us that it was a very deadly test. . . I am afraid I have no more real information on the shrine simply if your going to go be prepared to get burned.

In the last of our nights well day in the mountains we took refuge in an old rundown elven estate from a snowstorm. Just before night fall, the walls began to bleed, Able informed us that there were many undead around and we should leave, We all agreed and left. lucky for us, the Wyvern Riders found us in the snow and took us to the Village of the Gruff Gruffs, from there we made our way back to Port Mirandia safely.

As Always my friends
Stay safe out there
Marcus Wellspring