Date: 3/31/21 Time 23:00 UTC
Party: Kaladin | Bloom | Cedric | Yondu | Destiny | Valor Van Glorious

Today Bloom met the party and all seemed well, we met some nice people digging up some sort of box, very thoughtful of them to remove it from the roads path. Then we saw some Huge Boars, Normally animals like Bloom, these Boars not like Bloom. Having to kill and cook the boar Bloom felt very sad about this, but must not waste anything so bloom use whole boar, latter on Flying Creatures as large as the Boars swooped down when Destiny try to scare them away. The “Birds” Picked up workers and dropped them… Bloom thought if Bloom could get one to talk to him that they would help, So Bloom called upon the friendly Spider that dwells within and webbed one of them so they would stop and talk to Bloom… The party killed it… Bloom sad once more but understands. After clearing up Bird Creatures Party decided it was time to go home, but we camp for night. Then Large Three horned creatures very very mean three horned creatures charged the fire… Poor Valor Van Glorious, at least he was looking up at the sun as the three horn carried his body off. Not a single worker survived… Bloom think this Yatari person making sacrifices.