DM: krforget93

We left from Port Mirandia to continue Yatari’s Song Road out of some kind of madness no one recognised.

After being warned and hearing tales of the monstrosities that lay up there, we of the 1-4 catagory of adventurers made our way with a fresh and new group of workers AND foreman

We went with 5 adventurers, 39 workers, the Foreman, and three horse-dragged wagons.

Encountering a party of barbarians, everything immediately went to hell as Destiny summoned a werewolf, Ch’aska put the fear of black latex on our healer and paladin, then put herself to sleep.

Several moments going as Ch’aska, Gottlieb and Peren went between unconciousness and lucidity over four to five times, the barbarians beating on their prone bodies.

All the while the werewolf ran amock, Destiny trying to control her magic as it ripped our workers to shreds.

As this occured, I stood my distance raining magic on the enemy:

An accurate depiction of Yondu “standing his distance raining magic on the enemy”

Three of us made it out of that debaucle, Destiny, Peren and I.

I, having valiantly surrendered all my equpment for my life.

An accurate depiction of Yondu having “valiantly surrendered”

Retreating south, we settled down to rest.

When the footsteps began shaking the earth.

A massive shark-jawed lizard barrelled into our camp, massacring many.

An accurate depiction of a “massive shark-jawed lizard”

We escaped with our lives, losing most of our workers, and making our way down further south…

Until the god damn thing appeared again!

Destiny fell blasting the beast as it chomped her down.

Peren ran into the water, swimming off.

I dissappeared into the shadows.

And the workers jogged it away.

We returned to port mirandia, having left with 5 adventurers, 39 workers, the Foreman, and three horse-dragged wagons.

We returned with 2 adventurers, 4 workers, One Foreman (It’d be weird if we returned with more!) and no wagons or horses.

Do not, Go to build, That god forsaken road.

Unless you feel capable of taking on the dinosaur kingdom!