Tl;dr: A group of adventurers set out to explore the mysterious tip of a pyramid that had appeared along the road southwest of Ruined Oak, near the outpost. They were found by a drow who was willing to pay them to adventure. While it sounds too good to be true it was in fact true! Sure there was risk of death in his tailor made dungeon, but our adventurers are used to that.

Future Adventure Notes:
Master Mechelmus creates ands tests dungeons, tombs, etc. and will contact someone in the future.
Master Mechelmus adds traps of diverse designs, requiring varying disciplines to avoid or neutralise.

Session Title : Chapter 14 : Looking for an Upgrade
Session DM : Waylander
Session Date : 27 Jun 2021 @ 18:00 UTC

•”Chronicler” Barry (Fighter 4/Cleric 1)
•”Leader” and “Scout” GarGot (Barbarian 1/Druid 6)
Horace (Cleric 2/Sorcerer 6)
•”Cartographer” Murdrum (Sorcerer 7/Warlock 2) with Tiny Servants
Nahil (Warlock 2/ Sorcerer 6)
•”Trailblazer” WazeLander (Mystery Fighter 8?) with Arseslayer his mighty boar spear

Barry tell story of recent outing

Barry and group hear about possible pyramid buried southwest of Ruined Oak. Barry and group go see if find pyramid. Light rain but other wise nice day to travel. Pyramid reported near outpost, so Barry and group head there for night before go to find. Barry and group greeted many guard upon arrival. Barry and group have pleasant feast Spearman WazeLander hunt before sleep at outpost.

Next day is good start. Outpost have nice breakfast and day has good warmth. Barry and group travel back east, Spearman WazeLander see then want to hunt deer. Barry and group wait for hunt, then go east, look for pyramid top. Barry and group find brass gnome statue pointing again, and then find pyramid top.

Barry and group get ready to dig when Clockman Murdrum use magic. Barry and group find base of pyramid and runes written. Clockman Murdrum stare at rune awhile. Barry and group wait.

While wait, drow appear, say name Master Mechelmus and he offer tomb, dungeon, whatever adventurer experience you want, tailor made. King Nahil offer to sell him Barry and group service to test his dungeon creation. Master Mechelmus accept, say to look at rune and draw circle in blood to activate teleport magic. Giant GarGot immediately go, cut hand to draw circle in blood then disappear. Barry and group each touch center of circle and go.

Master Mechelmus

Barry and group in cut stone room with high ceiling. It is cool, damp and mouldy, with one metal door. Barry see skeleton on the ground, humanoid female with backpack. In backpack two book. One spellbook, other journal.

While Barry glance through journal, Giant Gargot and Spearman WazeLander break door open. Barry and group travel through short hallway and find another room with two door and a giant two-headed skeleton.

One door have pressure plate in front, many small hole covered in dust on side. Other door have smell, see spore floating from mushroom. Giant GarGot and Spearman WazeLander explore mushroom room coughing, come back then Barry and group try other door. Clockman Murdrum tiny servant open door and Barry and group avoid pressure plate, go south.

Next room is very large and hot. Barry and group see molten rock below. See four other exit. Barry and group take closest exit northwest. See room with many large stone tile and way blocked by closed portcullis with massive deformed carcass, damaged by acid and dark purple fog beyond. GIant Gargot almost fall into pit trap but escape with Spearman WazeLander help.

Spearman Wazelander find safe path around pit trap. Barry and group see lever beyond but Clockman Murdrum magic hand can not pull. Barry and group break lock and lift portcullis. Giant GarGot go into purple cloud, no hurt, but Spearman WazeLander say it burn his many nipple piercing. Giant Gargot find old chest, bring out, then Barry and group go back to molten rock room.

Barry and group try west exit. More stone wall, with stair down, into tunnel. King Nahil go first, find more mushroom with spore and large creature with long tail and four leg. Barry and group all go through, eventually south to find another room with stone wall.

Barry and group go south through door, down more stair, into stone room with more mould. This room has open exit to south that lead to tunnel. At end of tunnel Barry not see but King Nahil go down and make explosion, say safe to come while being burned all over.

Barry and group proceed, tunnel turn north into room with magic circle with keyhole. East of circle is big room. On elevated platform, creature, in plate armour, holding glaive sit with two hooded figure near a many eyed creature. Giant GarGot enter, creature on platform go “yessssss” then ask what brought Barry and group here.

Giant GarGot and creature talk about enterprise and business. Creature seem to know Master Mechelmus. Creature say it make deal with Master Mechelmus to guard this location for him, which it regret now. It want release from existence, and say deal mean it must attack Barry and group, since either it win and uphold deal or lose and get release. Barry and group fight for life, and win. Barry and group rest.

Barry and group go north and find back at molten lava room from south. Barry and group head east and find Indication that door was there but no longer. In room, dead dwarf with crushed breastplate. Barry see lightning rune on door north just before Giant GarGot smash door and lighting shock Barry and Giant GarGot. Room north have many statue with armor and weapon, one larger with golden key. Giant GarGot approach large statue, it eye glow, then it and other move and attack. Barry and group survive.

Barry and group take key and go to magic circle. GIant GarGot put in lock, turn, then mechinical noise and many rune appear that start moving, forming portal in circle. Barry and group go through and appear beside pyramid. Near pyramid is letter with bag of gold beside. Letter say “Well done, sorry can’t make it, other things to do, will try to contact in the future.” Barry and group go back to Ruined Oak for some ale. Barry saddened Spearman Wazelander say he go on boat.