Tl;dr: A Hunting Retreat has been opened at Port Mirandia. All party members survived.

Future Adventure Notes:
•Land sharks can jump higher the ten feet off the ground.
•The goblin village southwest of Port Mirandia all but destroyed. An Infernal creature of some kind named “Mergrdeth” has killed all the non-weregoblins and is making a skeletal army for some purpose.

Session Title : Chapter 23 – The Noble Hunters
Session DM : Waylander
Session Date : 21 Sept 2021 @ 18:00 UTC

Barry (Fighter, 5/Cleric 2)
•”Trailblazer” Gau (Druid 8)
Jyn (Cleric 9)
•”Leader” Katla (Fighter 8)
•”Scout” Nalkris (Warlock 8) with Avarace the Raven
•”Cartographer and Chronicler” Nog (Fighter 8)

Barry remember recent adventure

Barry and group at Potted Plant, enjoying good ale. Barry sad, time approach to help group of hunter noble from mainland as they check out area for new Hunting Retreat, but Barry must earn keep. They act as noble do, marching in and demand attention. Barry think first noble name Lord Custer. Lord Custer say they here to get many trophy for Hunting Retreat. Also say they hear report of something killing many dinosaur for no reason but sport in hill southwest of Port Mirandia. The noble want do proper hunt, find out what killing dinosaur. Barry a bit confused by this, how can hunt be proper or not, it hunt.

Barry and group agree to do this and Barry and group and Hunter Noble group leave Port Mirandia, cross bridge, follow road. Follow road more, notice track going to hill, three medium creature. Not big enough for Hunter Noble, so Barry and group and Hunter Noble group continue. Near side of road is dead dinosaur. Barry and group examine, think dinosaur dead for three day. Dinosaur have large bite mark, larger than Barry. Track of disturbed earth but no tunnel, going east, whatever did can move through earth. Barry hope not like land shark that almost kill Barry.

Barry and group and Hunter Noble set camp. Everyone have tent space. Peaceful night, though some people hear rumble to east. In morning Barry and group and Hunter Noble go east. Many dead dinosaur around, with big bite mark. Barry get on rock. Barry and group wait bit, try to make ground noise. Hob Nog jump not do, but Druid Gau magic do. An extremely large land shark come, not scare Barry. Barry not scare. Two more normal size land shark also come. Barry think safe on rock but landshark can jump.

Barry and Forge Mistress Jyn deal with two less bigger one while rest of group try to manage Biggest One. Biggest One hard to hit with thick plating. Biggest One eat Hob Nog, but Snake Gau hold it long enough for rest of Barry and group to kill. Hunter Noble useless, did nothing but watch. Then Hunter Noble claim trophy. Barry not impressed. Barry and group rest a bit, ask Hunter Noble if want more hunt. Hunter Noble say yes. Barry remember dealing with noble big pain.

Barry and group and Hunter Noble group move east. Area oddly devoid of life, maybe something scare away. Many medium sized track coming from northeast but go northwest, that Barry and group and Hunter Noble group follow. Find many marching skeleton and skeletal giant. Battle very easy, Noble Hunter scoff at Barry and group effort until pointed out that skeletal giant skull pretty impressive trophy.

The skeleton track was on trail that lead to goblin village in hill. Barry been there before, but it not look good now. All but one building destroyed. All but few goblin gone, remaining goblin frail and thin. Skeleton everywhere, when skeleton march out of village, Hob Nog talk to few goblin. They remaining werebat goblin. Say area now controlled by “Mergrdeth“. Barry remember see door near hear, sealed with magic with “Mergrdeth” written in infernal and word of warning to not open. Goblin not know who open door. Hob Nog get description of “Mergrdeth“, eight feet tall, bald, seem dead but not, with open ribcage, two long arms and leg.

Barry and group decide to escort Hunter Noble group back to Port Mirandia before dealing with “Mergrdeth“, go northeast. Night was peaceful, Barry and group and Hunter Noble group go northwest twice to road, then east to bridge and on to Port Mirandia. Hunter Noble invite Barry and Group to newly constructed Hunting Retreat to see for some reason. Barry not know, just glad Barry be rid of Hunter Noble for now.