Game Master: krforget93

Date: 02/19/2021

Mission: Free Time Anyone?

Log Number: 3

These were my party members this session.

Hello, it’s Julijonas again, your new Bard in town. I wasn’t the Chronicler this time, so I don’t need to mark everything this time. Yay! Well not a lot happened this time, it felt like it went by quickly, let’s just jump into it.

We went to a farm far off west to help out a farmer, we didn’t get his name so he will be Fredryk, without much information. The farm wasn’t in the best of conditions with some horses grazing in the fields. They were frightened but none of them were killed unlike the previous farm I went to. Mr. Farmer told us that something at night will come by and just give a spook. So we waited for night fall and set some traps. I set up on the roof of a farm, trust me it isn’t comfortable to sleep up there, when Zombie riding Skeleton Horses came by. One of them got caught in a snare spell and the time for mercy has passed.

I couldn’t quite get what the Zombies and Skeleton Horse looked like, but two Shadows followed them soon after. These guys can drain your strength if they hit you.

They were all a push over as usual, they had some valuable rocks on them. We took along rest at the house and investigated further into their appearances the following day. Their tracks lead to a summoning circle of sorts with large stones with Abyssal runes on them. Cultish figures of different colored robes were chanting in all sorts of dark languages at the middle of this circle and summoned a Zombie Beholder.

Look at this beauty.

These dudes are TERRIFYING, they have a chance to down right disintegrate you if they look at you funny. However, due to the smart thinking of Murdrum, he cast fog cloud to obscure its vision and we were saved. It was another push over, so GarGot, who kept saying “GarGot”, destroyed these magic stones so they would loose their magic. These cultists were using this Abyssal book as reference about undead summoning though it isn’t magical. It also had the name “Vongrimath” being prominent within. We then took a long rest at the “Summoning Circle” and Amal, who turns out to be a good hunter, gathered food for us.

After our sleep, we told the Fredryk about the problem, slept there again, and came back to the port. Nothing exciting has happened through out all that.

Wow, that was a rather short adventure, it could have been worst so I’m not complaining. That you for reading my log today. If you have any questions consider going to the Arcane Order, I will be there while I’m not adventuring. This is once again Julijonas, your new Bard in town, signing out.