Tl;dr: Those darn adventurers just can’t stop exploring the ZHT area. Their intent to follow a trail was thwarted by a massive blizzard, so instead they just kept on surveying the Frozen Forest. Things of interest include a stone shrine, a frozen lake, an observatory and an orc camp that told our adventurers to avoid a nearby place. These adventurers did so but y’all just know there will be some that won’t. Everyone returned back to Port Mirandia safely.

Future Adventure Notes:
•The orcs told the group to stay away from an unexplored location, pine trees near this location had visibly less pine needles.
•Signs of habitation were discovered southwest of the portal, not interacted with.
•As always, bring cold weather clothes and extra food.

Session Title : Chapter 12: Over The Horizon And Back
Session DM : Waylander
Session Date : 19 Jun 2021

•”Cartographer” and “Chronicler” Barren (Sorcerer 4)
•”Trailblazer” Iloxian (Bard 3)
•”Leader” Imogène (Fighter 4)
•”Scout” Zanovar (Warlock 1/ Wizard 3)
Reb with Hipster Owl the Familiar

A retelling of Our recent adventure

We meet Our group at the Potted Plant in Port Mirandia with the intention to take the portal back to the ZHT location to follow the trail of footsteps We saw on our previous survey. It is a cooler day but We know We’re about to be much colder. Imogène collects the FOT stones for the return journey and puts in the ZHT stones. We are happy no one almost dies from the portal travel today, but We take a rest to help those hurt.

We travel southeast, following the tracks as best We can. As We move, We are suddenly in a full blown blizzard. Not seeing any shelter, We realize that the portal is still close, We turn around. On the way back to the portal, We notice mountain lion that has burst open from the inside but in our haste to get away from the blizzard we ignore that and take the portal back to Port Mirandia and sleep for the night. We meet at the portal the next day and Imogène again takes the FOT stones while placing the ZHT stones.

We try to find the trail of footsteps again but the blizzard has covered them with snow. We go southeast once again and then again. We see pine trees in this area and We see the frozen bodies of an adventuring party, who seem to have died to a blizzard. We could not tell but most likely not the same one We fled. The ice around them has been broken and any thing of value was taken. We go west, find more trees. This area is slippery from snow, forcing us to slow our movement but we manage to proceed east before night.

We find a stone shrine, on top of which is a symbol of water drop with weathered blue colouring. We see signs of a ritual, frozen blood and burnt offerings. The Zanovar entity believe the ritual was to appease some winter spirits. We look for a secluded area to set camp and find some stones. It is still snowing, but not enough to make the night horrible. During Our watch, we see a white wolf that stays away from the camp. We try to play with it with magic, but eventually it leaves.

In the morning we journey west as the heavy snow slows our movement. Continuing westward, We see some elks to the south. We keep going west and find a cave. We want to sleep in the cave for the night to protect from the storms but as We get close, We see a white bear emerge, but We scare it off and go inside. We sleep in the cave and nothing but the howling wind disturbs Our night.

We go west in the morning. We see tracks four-legged creatures wolf-like. They come from the southeast, go north and then exit southwest. We follow the tracks southwest. We see the smoke of fires, maybe a settlement and approach. We see two orcs on wargs? notice us and approach while four others stay at a distant by our sides. These orcs look slimmer than the orcs We know and seem bowlegged.

In response to Our greetings, the orcs say they are from the Frozen Blade tribe and that they own the surrounding land, all the way east to the mountain, while to the west it gets warm. The orcs are very curious Us and where We are from. When We say so, they ask many questions about the portal and the lands beyond it. We tell them about Port Mirandia and the Allied Freeholds of Katashaka. We tell them we do not know how the portals work, that they are magic.

They asked if We knew those who slew the giants around the portal and We said they were like Us, from the Allied Freeholds of Katashaka. They seemed impressed and wary of us after that. They told us to avoid the area east and requested that We come back to this camp. They then ask Us where We are going and We indicate southeast.

We travel southeast and see more pine trees, but the one edging along the area we were told to stay from have noticeably less pine needles. We proceed east. finding a cold campfire by an ice fishing hole with no one around. The night is here so We set camp. We hear that some half-ogres were spotted during the night but they left Us undisturbed.

We start out northeast but this area was quiet. We veer southeast and find the shattered smashed remains of a dwarf killed by massive force. We are not sure the source of the force, could be magic, a mighty blow or falling. We adjust and head northeast. While We are crossing a flat snow-covered field, We hear a groaning, cracking sound. We run backwards as the ground tears apart to reveal a frozen lake. No one falls into the broken ice.

Not wanting to risk finding more frozen lake, we veer southeast again. We see a tall, square building, with a telescope? We think We hear someone call it an observatory? There is no light and the windows are covered. The door is unlocked and We see that the inside has been undisturbed for months. We camp here for the night safely inside. We use the telescope? and see lots of clouds.

We go northeast in the morning, and We see a house. Around the house is a silver powder line that the snow can not settle on. We break the line with Our mind and move closer to the house. Another door not locked and we go inside. As We enter We see and old man, who is breathless and fearful of Us, He asks if We are here to collect the debt.

We explain that We are not, that We are here exploring and ask his name. He say it is Munin. He gives Us tea and tells his story about making a deal with what he thinks is a devil, to resurrect his dead wife. The silver circle was to protect him from the collectors. As he says this We hear then see large, hellish wolves. We barricade ourselves inside.

We fight for Our lives as the wolves start breaking through the doors and windows. Munin was killed during the fight. We feel sorry for him but We did not know breaking the silver would result in his death. We bury him in the snow and help ourselves to his left over belongings.

We rush northeast, with only snow. We keep going north east, see signs and movement that someone is living here towards the west side of the area, but we are focused on getting out of the cold by the portal so ignore them. We reach the portal and safely use it to travel back to Port Mirandia where We rest and warm up.

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