DM: Seph
Party Members: Zugall, Belador, Jerime Crawford, Omega Raven, Gorvin

We left for Spider’s Reach Outpost from Ruined Oak. Saw some Camels. Moved on. Saw a caravan. We approached. Three Members Lika was the leader. Lika potion seller(mostly healing). Overcharges. Likes Dancing/being entertained. Headed to RO. Personal Note Belanor plays a mean flute. Following tracks off the road towards the forest. Found Campfire. Camped by campfire. Halfling named Jerry Springfoot found us. His Campfire.. Tracks lead to a lime mine. Gnolls attacked on my watch. Dispatched. They were carrying a decent amount of gems. First Day/Night Complete.

Upon waking. Furry Rhinos. Phaser Taser. A spider? Lightning Spider. Webs of Steel. Lady Moonflower. Tell Brok O Lee he found it”. A spider. Not the Spider. Found monkey fish creature riding insect. Found a natural hot spring. Selune decided to pay us a vist afterwards. Tear of Selune. Almost died. Jerime. Good doctor. Tears Hot. Grave nearby. Setting up camp. Letting tears cool. Still hot. Day/Night 2.

Found trail. Bugbear tracks. Demon Prints? Bugbears that worship… Demons. Called Bearded Clan? Noted. Kept moving forward. We arrive at Brocks. Half Elf. Halfing. Bugbear. Brock Lee. Spider’s Reach OP. Overrun. Kobold. Ogre Brothers died. Skeletons came out of the gut when put down. Decided to rest there. Heading back in the morning. Day/Night 3

Heading back to tracks. Going to attempt to locate Bearded clan. Trail went cold. Checked on tear. Still too hot. Took a fragment. Met some dwarves. Found more Fish Monkeys(Gill Monkeys). The insects they ride can walk over water it seems. Large Creature called Gerridae. AKA Water Steeds. Can cross large bodies of water. Day/Night 4

Saw a floating castle. Whitewashed. Very neat. Maybe an ally? Headed South west. Found a house. Knocked on the door. Bald headed human. Eye Patch Right eye. Sells Potions of Confidence. Name is One Eye Willie. Has two eyes. Best Firewater Ever. Went back to Jerry Springfoot. Gave us gold for helping him out. Day/Night 5

Headed out. Ran into some Lizardmen and their Komodo Dragon things. Killed a Komodo. The rest of them ran off. We pushed for RO and made it safely.