Tam For Leader

DM: The Almighty Tam

Party: Tif Irongate – Leader

IronAle – Trailblazer

Slayer – Scout


Vi Ari Able



Help sent to Ruined Oak

The party was at Ruined Oak when a teenage boy, named Tommy cam running up to us saying that their farm was attacked by small creatures and that they needed help. The boy gave us directions to his farm but said he was too tired to go with them as he ran here and that took all his strength. 

Day 1 Road to the Farm

The party quickly headed out South of Ruined oak to the planes west of the Silent Forest. As we headed down the road Slayer noticed some animals moving from the underbrush alongside the road on both sides. As we apprached closer we got attacked by a pck of wolves. We were able to make some quick work of them and collected some pelts for tropies to sell back in town. As we arriave to the area the boy told us to go to we came across a small cottege sursounded by woods. A lady came out to greet us and told us about an attack that happened the day prior and that her three kids were taken and her husband badly injuured. We found her husband, Stew in the cabin very close to death but Tif was able to touch him and heal him for a little to find out what happened. He told us they weere attacked by nomish men with red hats while cutting wood and that their kids were dragged off towards the silent woods. We agreed to help but told them we needed to camp and head out first thing in the morning. They fed us and we set up camp.

In the Middle of the night - Day 1

In the middle of the night all watches were uneventful with the exception of mine and Slayers. we noticed a small stange orb bouncing around the woods by the familys cottege. As i moved closer to the bouncing orb the party was woken, i jumped up on a pile of long n the side of the cottege and jumped uptop for a better sight. I informed the party i was slowly starting to move away then we attacked it before leaving. We were able to take care of this quikly with out disturbing the worried parents and headed to bed for the rest of the night. 

Shorties with Sickles - Day 2

As the party came to the edge of the woods where the father said the kids were dragged off too we came across a pretty big cottege in the woods. As we approached we saw a small goblin wearing a red cap get aggressive and attack us. As we attacked one more came out and were shouting in a tounge no one could understand. after slaying the two creatures we started to investigate the surounding s and inside the house. As Slayer began to look around he noticed all the furniture was massive, too big for the goblins and saw a small doll on a desk in the corner of the cottege before anythign could be looked further as Vi Ari Able went two the massive bed she triggured som form of trap and was sucked down into a bottom floor!!

A Hideous Hag in the Basement - Day 2

As Vi was dragged down to a trap door bellow a massive cloud of fog apeared where a ladder went down. Ad we began to go down we heard a snap and a loud thud, later we would find Vi’s body laying on the floor. After the party was down stairs the cloud eventually went away discovering a hidden lair beneath with cages. As we surounded the hag many comrades began to fall. IronAle and Antonio collapsed, but we were able to get them backup into the figtht. shortly after this our leader, Tiff dropped followed by IronAle agian but this time i was able to get IronAle up. as we continued to wack away IronAle fell one more time just as soon as Tiff was stableize.  At this point the hag was badly ingured and began to flee. As me and Slayer weren’t going to let this beast get away with hurting our entire party we began to chase he in the woods, as i followed i got IronAle up one last time. As we made it to the ground level we thre spells at her and fired arrows just in time to finish her off as she fled.

A family reunited - Day 2

Once the hag was slayed we weer able to make quick work on cages in the laiar that the hag had tied up the kids in. Once freeing them and finding they were fit to walk, we hurried on back to thier home before more shorties with red caps showed up. Once arriving back the parent were very gratful for resucing their kids and fed us for one last night before we had to depart back to Ruined Oak.

Heading back home.... Day 3

After all the battles the past two day we seemed to have cleared of all the evil in the area as on the way back we did not see a single sole back up North. We made quick time and we made it back to Ruined Oak with one less body in our party. We carried Vi’s boday all the way back with us to the temple werer they would give her a proper burial.

All in all it was a great first adventure to this new Island can’t ait for many more to bash more heads!


– Scorch