Lysing – Huge fancy Goliath with a fancy greathammer on his back

Sammal – Half-elf of drow decendt, looks like he spend a lot of time indoors due to complexion, looks like his backpack is brand-new “buy all your need”-backpack kit, a court person, someone not doing manual labour and earning their place.

Nahl – light figure soutiable for travel with well-used travelling clothes, a staff with trinkets on it, a supporter and aim to control the battlefield. Applied he could heal by keeping us up during battle

Tohil – Air Genasi – Also someone aiming to control the battlefield, can call lightning and thunder according to himself and able to take a blow or two.

Yatari – Tall female halfling wearing a tight studded leather corset over ruscade risque costume, drags a big sack behind her, and drops it infront of Tohil, brought something they agreed upon in advance, apparently. She kinds of do whatever she wants, and a good cheerleader, who can figure things out quickly, specially traps by springing them, knows a bit or lot, depending on whom you compare her to and just happy to come along.

Nalkris, Eladrin elf with clear signs of spring about his person; light green fresh teint to his skin and hair, small lightgreen leaves caught in the hair, wearing a cold weathers outfit, with no visible weapons about his person and a charcoal black raven named Avarace perched upon his shoulder at most times.

Day 1: – Why Lysing might be the worst trailblazer ever

We started dicussing leadership, I tried to decline, but it seemed leadership was about to be pushed on me, but fortunately Yatari spoke up to take the role of leadership.

I took role of the scout, taking advantage of my newest blessing from the Raven Queen and merged myself physically into the body of Avarace, enabling me to scout from 50 feet above the rest of the party.

Once ready, we ventured south for half a day, left the road, and we stopped and turned around and went back to WMC, seems our trailblazer Lysing had lead us the wrong way for half a day, delaying our mission, I just had assumed thats the way we had to go, as I flew above them merged with Avarace to keep an eye out for danger.

Day 2: – How a tear of Seluun almost killed me

The task of trailblazing was given to Sammal for our second attempt at travelling to the chosen location, travelling the right direction, which was apparently first straight west, to then turn south-west at the crossroads, rather than just take the road south right away from WMC.

Bit over halfway into 2nd day, we was suddenly hit by meteors breaking the clouds above and raining down upon us, knocked me unconscious and out of the air, seems Lysing had tried to lead us around this serious danger with his route yesterday, we should have more faith in Lysing.

It was a tear of Seluun, she couldnt see the earth and one of her tears feel from the heavens due to her sadness of the clouds hiding the world from her.

We then encountered a nest 4 ticks SW of the W-crossroad, the nest contined 4 eggs the size of curled up kobolds and the nest included gear from several slain guards, either WMC guards or caravan guards, so definitely a danger to deal with on another occation, but for now, we had a mission, and all the team voted against dealing with the danger of the nest right now.

We apparently on our way to a beholder called Iris, who may or may not help us, as we going there to loot stuff, main mission is to get stuff, apparently, mission of greed, I can get behind that.

Fast version: They had a friend called Rocklee who is a bugbear who came to WMC when he was sick, and a baby beholder popped out of him, and then Yatari started taking care of the baby beholder and Asikil (a mad gnome? gnoll? makes fish-bait?) who also helped take care of it, now named Iris, put it inside one of his dungeons.

We reached an outpot, where we laid ourselves to sleep in relative safety

Day 3: – Why Sammal might be a worse trailblazer than Lysing

After sleeping at outpost we set out and ended up confused and travelling east and into the swamp, so we had to turn around once again and go west.

We force marched back to the outpost, figuring the exhaustion from more travel might be offset by getting to sleep in a safe location.

We spotted 7 hooded figured, 2 in purple ropes and 5 in red ropes, nobody of us knew them, and we ended up deciding now to approach them needlessly and bother them in their business.

Rather than rations, Tohil went hunting and filled our waterskins for us, and also managed to hunt down a baby deer, and bambi was delicious

Day 4: The Home of Iris – The Lair of the Mad Mage Asikil

Tohil took the lead as our trailblazer after several had failed us, and we went towards Asikil’s dungeon where Iris resides.

We finally arrived at the dungeon, which was dimly lit by a purple fungus growing on the wall that seemed illuminescent, and the floor was smooth and the dungeon was clean.

Through the halls we can hear the echoing of distant humming. Yatari said the humming was familiar and started following the sound into the dungeon, but moved slow and seemed to keep her eyes peeled with Lysing helping scour the floor and walls for traps and other hidden dangers, as they took the front.

We had taken an immediate turn to the right inside the dungeon and following a hall that seemed to spin around several times.

Suddenly a huge creature approached us, we heard it before we saw it. It was a huge creature, a giant of sorts perhaps, with two heads, one of which looks confused by our presense and the other looked like it was asleep, taking a nap perhaps.

Fortunately didnt seem to want to fight, once a party member talked to it in Giant, it was more confused it seemed and apparently its story was that it had fallen asleep outside somewhere and gotten abducted, waking up without knowing why it was inside this dungeon, and just wanted to find the way out, so we showed it the way back to the exit and went back to the location we found it again. Perhaps it was Asikil who kidnapped it and maybe he had done experiments on it, as Yatari said he would usually do experiments on the monstrocities he put into his dungeons, what a creep.

We passed some runes in a ring around the floor and wall, that seemed to harm Avarace in some way, make him stiff and like he affected by Rigor Mortis for a moment, it was really scary that something could hurt poor Avarace, and then we came to some runes that glowed in different colors.

I dislike this Asikil or Esikil or however you spell this mad mages name, and all his mad doings.

We then encountered a huge room with a pit trap and a rotting corpse of a dead beholder, fortunately not Iris, and then we came to the fish-door, as Yatari called it, a door with a nicely done carving of a fish on it.

We came to a room where the south door was trapped, and apparently Yatari had been hit by the traps last time, and there was draconian runes on the wall we hugged on the west side of the room.
Apparently someone read it last time and it says something about all who enters here should abandon all hope, oh, this place seems very pleasant for sure.

We came to a room with 3 doors inside, one blocked by a boulder, and a room to the north and one to the west, and they said they had encountered spiders here last time, asking more, they revealed they was the size of a small horse, that horrible creatures has Asikil assembled here.

Yatari sang and Iris came out, it had a pink ribbon, umbrella and held leather leash to a “dog” with a sole huge green eye, spikes on its back, monstrous claws and leathery skin, seemed demonic, but kind of cute.
The dogs name was Pupil and he was very pet-able, specially little bit of scratching underneath the chin.

Iriis had a giant problem, but now seemed to have a bigger problem now with the scary floaties, which just scares her, and Yatari promised her we would go deal with the big scary floaty things, and Iris said they looked bit like her but “eeew eewww ewwww”

We then went north (Iris had come from the west) and lead us to a magical portal of sorts, but it was just illusion and behind it was a stairway down, and a wall of force according to Yatari, but Iris could control it so we could come past it.

We took spiral staircase down and came to a door made of turquish colored, and the staircase continued on down from the door, this was just the first door we came across.

Iris looked upon the door and it just disappeared, apparently her big eye removed magical things like the portal, and a spiral formed outwards and formed the door again.

Then we, one by one, stepped through the turquish portal.

We came into a pitch black room. The floor uneven under our feet, the ambient temperature was just perfectly nice, but an smell of death and copper in the air mixed with rotting flesh.

Yatari said for the 3rd time that priority one, two and three was safety and Lysing wisely corrected her that if safety was priority one, we would just stayed in WMC

Once we got light we carefully moved on, seeing skulls and bones around, Yatari found a trip wire with a huge boulder hanging above, and used illusion spell to make a sign to warn the rest of us about it, and we moved onwards.

We came to a South and East split of the corridor and from the south, Yatari could hear mutterings, motioning to us she heard stuff and reminding us to be quiet, made an illusion to more clearly communicate it to us.

We made contact with a creature with a swarm of tentacles instead of arms, talking about working, serving their lord, feeding the specimen and that had to do with the skulls and such laying around, and he said we would make a fine specimen, either as something to be fed or to be fed.

As Tohil apparently threatened the creature during talk, they turned hostile and a dancing lady clad in purple and golden jewelry came out behind him, and then said to Lysing it be much cooler if he came into the room with them.

They surrounded and slashed at him, meanwhile we dealt with frontline in hallway.

Lyssing got out by a magical step, Tohil got trapped in net, cut down, then while on ground, he was cut into, paralyzed on ground and heavily hurt.

Then Nahil made an amazing blast of Eldritch energy, demoralizing them all, and they focused on him

I used my fey step to get the paralyzed Tohil out of range from the ground and tried to blast an enemy next to me with Eldrich energy, but she blocked my hand and pointed it to my own groin, stunning me in intense pain. Once recovered, I ran back and tried to blast from a distance, but my magical flow of power had been disturbed (double 1s, damnit) and I started to feel exhausted from blasting.

Rested there, trapping 2 surviving prisoners with a tiny hut while we rested, then asked them about treasures, found a lot of treasure, after which we found out Asikil/Esikil was still there, refered to as “Father Asikil” by the captive, and we legged it out of there fast, as he is very powerful and we was already hurt and exhausted.

Outside a gang of gnolls waited in ambushed, but fleed as they saw our numbers, but Yatari laid them down anyway with 2 fireball spells, crushing all the gnolls, and we continued our track back and reached the outpost.

Guards talked about a brazz doorhandle/knob with a large red ruby which was able to access portals, which Asikil wanted, and apparently it was here, a sort of masterkey for a dungeon, like you are able to do certain things you are only able to do if you have this item, something Asikil made, but the one the guards talked about was with a diamond, not a red ruby, and its quite important.

Day 5: The Return Home

We sleeptĀ  at the outpost once again and then set out to investigate the crater from meteor on way home, found another meteor crater instead with amazing healthy plant growth, but ultimately nothing of value, so all we got out of investigating it was muddy shoes.

We broke of chunk of meteor rock from meteor shower than nearly smashed us the 2nd day after finding it with our now muddy shoes and brought it with us to take home to WMC.

Then on way home we saw a giant vulture flying overhead munching on cultist and then we got back to WMC, checked the rock/mineral for worth and split the loot.