Nartzim | Ou-Kan | Goliath | 4, Sorcerer 4
Taka | HC375 | Half-Orc | 3, Barbarian 1, Warlock 2
RCB | Twee | Goblin | 3, Ranger 3
Patches | Ysanna | Human | 2, Cleric 1, Warlock 2
Atrix | Luthgar | Dwarf | 3, Barbarian 3

DM: Calmseeker

Leader: Twee
Scout: Ou-Kan
Trailblazer: Twee

Mission: Deal with the farm menace

Goliath Sorcerer
Supreme adventurer
Head Smasher




Mose the Farmer
Orryn the Druid



Giant Wolf Spider
Fast but squishy


Death Dog
Two headed dog
Didn’t last long



Fiery Breath
Quite Tough



Lead the Assault
Now dislikes plants

Three headed monster

Cursed by a necromancer
Crystal wife
Appreciates the lyre


By now the risk of leaving the city seem to be more manageable. Death haven’t followed these expeditions in quite a while but I’m not sure if that’s due to people actually learning how to deal with the danger or just the silence before the storm.

Staying to figure that sorta stuff is best left to other people, so when another expedition to Port Mirandia was about to head out ran to join the journey. Appearentlyg some farmers have been losing livestock to monsters, but disagreed on what monster had been attacking. Mose said it had the head of a lion, while Orryn saw the head of a goat. They did however agree upon where to find the monster, so we headed to the south-west for the hunt.

During the night the roles got turned, as our prey assaulted the camp. It started by sending in a few beasts, which were quickly dispatched. Afterward the manticore itself joined the battle alongside a pair of Hellhounds.

Without Twee’s special arrows it might have been a tough challenge, but as the plants wrapped around the manticores wings and dropped it like something heavy from up high, the tables turned.

Orryn however still insisted the menace hadn’t been dealt with, so by sunrise we continued south-west.

The small druidic farmer was right. Just a few hours travel lead us to the monsters lair, which was covered in the bones of prey. Trying to sneak in close the Chimera came charging from up high, which quickly lead to its death.

After looting the area we turned around and headed back to Port Mirandia. It was however further than a single day of travel. At night we had two visits, the first was good old Freezeton, who must have traveled by foot from Neathys Wood to Port Mirandia to end up here. He was still searching for the necromancer of Loviatar who cursed him. We couldn’t help him much, just let him enjoy the fire and a few tunes from my lyre.

If you ever travel the land and meet a man with glowing red eyes and pale skin, please check if the presumed vampire isn’t mr. Freezeton. He’s a friendly soul and I would hate to see him killed by accident.

The next visitor came a few hours later. I wish he had been there earlier, for after losing a game of dice, he told us a necromancer of Loviatar settled south-by-south-east of Port Mirandia. It might be the man Freezeton is hunting.

He also told us the mountains east of Port Mirandia are full of Stone Giants and Yetis. You have been warned.

The remaining journey was quite uneventful. We did see a pegasus and some giant eagles, but only from afar.

I’m looking forward to my next outing.

And please. If you see mr. Freezeton, tell him what we learned of the necromancer.


– Ou-Kan


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