Tiny Tots Democracy Adventure


Faenoa – Leader

Shrieker – Scout

Gau – Trailblazer




Trekking to the West

First time adventuring on the island, very different enviornment from what I am used to . The party decided to head west on the island towards some mountians that were the home of some dwarfs that go by the clan of Re-Hope. We traveled just north of the town white moon cove to a teleportation circle that some members of the party had been chilled with some frost of transportion. Looks like my bird feathers protected me from this! We crossed the bridge just west of here and came across a very large looking fruit with stripes and fuzzyness to it. Had a brownish rind to it with a red flesh. Faenoa cut into it and kept some of the seeds from the plant. Traveling to the dwarfs was very uneventful after this, we pushed into the night to get to the outpost that past travelers seem to have built. Upon the morning of the next day we saw the beautiful mountian range we would eventually travel to.

Travels to a dwarven Trading Post

As we got closer to the mountain in the morning we came across a split in the road and noticed a hungry tiger that was eating a dead human corpse. With Gau’s magical ability he was able to talk to the magnificent beast for quite some time and eventually grant us passage around him, looks like though this time he somehow found a way to shape into this beast which would startle me later in our trip. As we drew closer to the mountain we came across a very nifty trading post that was at the base of the mountain the party bought a few items from the gentleman Sithig Boulderbow which included some cold weather clothes to travel up the mountain. I meet one of the gentleman’s little ones and he referenced me as a Chemist, was told there is a Kenku that looks just like me that lives back in White Moon Cove that they know very well. I will have to find some time when I get back to meet this bird friend… While browsing the store I saw that the gentlemen had a small bundle of five magic arrows of fire that he was selling for 100g per pack, unfortunately since new to the island, I was short on coin, will definitely have to come back here to stock up on some magic arrows. The party had a guide from the trading post show us the path to the citadel of the dwarfs, the gentlemen’s name was Besdrilk Frosthand, nice fellow. With having a guide, the trek up the mountains was short as he knew the way to go, we camped halfway up the mountain for some rest.

Help from the Dwarfs

Upon sunrise the next day we made quick travels up the rest of the mountain and came across some beautiful stonework carved into the mountain. There were several guards at the foot of a stone bridge but due to having a guide there were no issues getting into the citadel. Upon entering and being shown were to go to meet with a council in regards to getting assistance with the upcoming war we met a gentleman by the name of Morden Helm. Upon telling him we were looking for assistance he was a bit confused due to the fact he apparently sent a paper with an offer a while ago to the towns of the Freeholds with a Tabaxi by the name of Snowball. Since we trekked up all this way up here he said he would send two diplomatic ambassadors of he Re-Hope Dwarfs to find out what they can assist with and possibly trade weapons or armor for, he said they have a very high demand of lumber as it is very scarce being in the mountains.  The two dwarfs that would assist us in the solutions went by the name, Durimor Granitview and Nostol Bitterback. We had the new companions pack their little belongings and we began our hike back down the mountain.


Once we got to the base of the mountain again we made camp right outside the Outpost prior to our journey back home. We came to the fork in the road where we met our tiger friend on the way here but wasn’t to be found, upon traveling a little further we came into an ambush of crazy goblins that did a lot of hurt on the party. They threw these glass spheres at us that exploded upon impact. During the battle both diplomatic advisers fell down, Nostol became unconscious and passed. After the slaying of the goblins there were random creatures that kept popping out of nowhere near Saoch. Luckily I was able to slay them all as they began to fled after killing several. After this we finished our rest of our travels and headed back to town.

Finding help in town (Post Session)

After this we made it back to Ruined Oak with the party and the body of Nostol and we ran into town where we looked for help to bring her back to life. Luckily we were able to bring her back with the help of some experienced adventures on the island that can bring people back to life. Now that they are both alive and well we now need to see what can be done with some form of agreement with the dwarfs that can help is un this impending knoll attack on the towns.