Players: So many….

     It has been awhile since I have been able to conduct some field research.  Admittedly, this particular outing could have proven to be my last, but I could not pass up the opportunity.  There have been a great deal of recent skirmishes and intelligence incoming regarding four tribes of gnolls on the island that have teamed up with some other savory characters. It is unknown there final goal but based on a found map it seems they may be coming for White Moon Cove eventually.  The worst part of this in my mind is that there are apparently Necromancers involved who do not ask for consent from the living before raising the deceased!  I cannot have that.

     Anyway, myself and large, very impressive looking if I do say so myself, group of individuals set out to defend a friendly hobgoblin clan.  Nothing dared attack such a large, strong contingent of individuals on the way to the Blood Eye Clan and when we arrived there a day after leaving WMC some party members quickly set about attempting to fortify the area.  The gnolls were suspected of planning to attack when the light changed, dusk or dawn.  We set up watch as dusk fell and the drums of these impending gnolls began around dusk. Having elected to take the second watch I noticed nothing besides a large group of birds which was very odd.  There were also a number of birds present in the compound during the battle…

     The battle began in earnest in the early hours of the morning and they have some strange weapons!  Very large poles magicked to cancel magic!  I do wonder if this something I can learn…. but that bears later study.  These poles were delivered into the clan walls via ballista which was alarming.  A large contingent of gnolls attacked the walls and I count myself very lucky indeed because I was almost overwhelmed by a swarm of them but was able to get away and send a ball of fire straight at them burning them to a crisp! All told we were able to save all but approximately 30 Blood Eye Clan civilians and a number of their warriors.  It seems the hobgoblins were the main target for these gnolls. No matter, we killed all we could and what we could not get too fled with their ballista in tow.  It seems the gnolls have also teamed up with ogres because we found some ogre tracks near where the ballista was stationed.  I was able to raise some skeletons as armed research assistants from the gnoll corpses!  They shall accompany me wherever I go.

    After the battle was done and the hobgoblins rallied what remained of their clan, it was attempted to convince them that they may not be safe in their walls…they declined the offer of shelter and aid of WMC stating that they stood their ground once, they could do so again.  The return journey home was triumphant and uneventful.


     I do wonder if I could recover some ogre skeletons at a later date though…