Partymembers: Amber, Eagle, Eric, Markan, Roshi, Taaki, Tuzok, Yohu.
Players: Bunny, Moony, Nick, Pyke, Red, RobertB, Rufus, Voidsearcher.

This is the first journal of Erik Wildmark. Who wishes that they will continue a long time forward.

The members of this journey decided to take up a job offer by a Mona, farm owner. She had her Goblet stolen and had a problem that during night she was raided by an unknown foe. Who at inspection used small to large weaponry or claws/talons. We, the party and Erik, spent the day looking for clues to what was causing the ruckus during the night. Thanks to a very helpful Horse, we learned that the raiders were more likely Beastly then humanoid. Erik did try to ask the Bull who protect the cows about it as well but he was hard headed and proud. Which became his downfall when night came.

Asking around Mona did give us more information but not much concerning who was raiding only that it happened during night. She also seem to have problem with some short term memory loss that we can look into later.

As Night began and our watch cought on to a struggle on the north side of the farm we went to investigate. There we found Small Gobbles that quickly took intrest in us and showed hostile intent. While taking care of these Small Gobbles the commotion to the north continued so we went further up to find Medium Gobbles togather with more Small Gobbles. They worked very well togather but the Party and Erik prevailed.
Conserned with the origin of these creatures the search continued and revieled a larger force and a Larger Gobble easily 3 times the size of the Medium Gobbles. It was a hard fought victory and we couldn’t save the Bull who was now Gobble food.

Luckily after this fight we found no more Gobbles. And even luckier we found the missing Goblet tied to a tree in the cowfield. Upon return Mona was very happy that Goblet was safe.

The party did press consern that due to only a few people on the farm knowing about Goblet that someone on the farm had tied Goblet to a tree. Mona didn’t seem to persuaded by the argument but we promised we would return if she had more problem. She payed us both in coin and Crepes.