DM: Seph
Party: Zugall, Jager, Shrieker, Oxalis, Morran, Shand, Omega

Departed Ruined Oak. Headed towards Brok Lee near the Spider’s Reach Outpost. I lost my notes in the fight with that spider so you will have to bare with me. We talked to Jerry Springfoot after buying some potions of Confidence from a local Brewer. We asked Jerry about Brok’s Druid friend who is known as Lady Moonflower I believe. Apparently she has been on the quest for celestial scrolls and Jerry told us that if we wanted her to go to RO we would need one to convince her. Luckily for us Jerry has been searching for a spider that would turn back into this scroll. I am not very knowledgeable with these celestial scrolls but apparently when read out loud they turn into the creature they represent. These creatures are very powerful so please do not read these scrolls out loud. DO NOT READ THESE SCROLLS OUT LOUD! Anyways Jerry marked our maps and told us where we would find the spider that should return to the scroll after killed. We headed to the heart of the Silent Forest and found a cave which we believed was the home of our Spider friend. We breached the cave and shortly into the entrance we ran into some yellow spiders. They had quite the bite and I would recommend parties with poison resistance or other means to gain resistance before they enter. We dispatched the spiders with relative ease only taking minimal damage. They did knock Jager unconscious and when we went to awake him we thought him dead initially. We covered his body in a pile of leaves outside the cave entrance and continued onwards. We eventually arrived to what we believed was the lair of the Spider. After enough poking and prodding we managed to draw the creature out. This creature spit its web at us which ensared half of my party. When ensnared in the web it constantly shocked you until you broke loose. This sadly claimed the life of one of our party members. We went head to head with the spider only seeming to barely injure it. After a wild fight to almost our untimely deaths the whole encounter came down to two party members against the Mother Spider. They managed to finish it off and during this we noticed one of its weaknesses. Cold damage seemed to be its bane. I would assume all of these creatures like this are weak to cold. Jager’s life was then claimed by one of its spiderlings who entrapped it in that oh so deadly web. Oxalis barely finished it off in a frantic battle that would decide if we lived or died. After finishing up I took the scroll and we grabbed what we could and left. We made it back to RO safely.

I crept closer to death on this day than ever before in my life. It is apparent to me that I need to rely on more than simply my strength in arms. I would not be here if it werent for Morran and Jager. Morran healed me at a time where he could have saved himself. Jager risked life and limb to drag me out of the web that was sapping my life force. Oxalis used his goodberry to bring me up for a second time but this time I was not able to move. I could only watch in horror as the rest of the fight unfold. I dedicate this Log to the ones that have been lost. Morran and Jager may peace be with your souls. I hope you enjoy your eternal rest and know that I will remember you.