DM KCutajar

Players: Eddings, Klein, Kaimos, Leith, Barvan, Gallow.

Shortly after arriving to Sleeper Island, I met a group of other adventures who were looking at doing some exploration.  Deciding  that a group was a better option then exploring on my own, as even the weather around here is deadly I headed out with them.  After some discussion about buying some tents, it was determined that the only place we could purchase them was in the next town.  However, the only other town was several days journey away so, a more experience member of the group Eddings, I believe that was his name told us about a wondrous portal that allowed folks to move quickly about the land.  Unfortunately, after finding the portals there was none among us that knew how to operate it. Seems it uses three stones or something to activate it. This may have been a boon as Eddings also recalled there was a physical cost in using it which leaves a person slightly singed.  

Undaunted by our lack of success at the portal, we decided on another location, I think it was a ruined castle or something of the sort and would be a more suitable location to explore towards the northeast as if you were headed to False Bay.  Along the way we discovered the mutilated remains of bovine scattered across a field.   The more observant members of the party quickly deduced that it was the work of some sort of predatory animal, but we did not know the source at that time. We did manage however to salvage some of the meat which save three of us from having to consume our precious iron rations. I was happy that my skill in herbalism lead to the discovery of some flavoring herbs in the area.

As we left the scene of carnage we happened upon a cave and since it was getting dark the party agreed that it would be better to explore it in the morning. Later that night when we had set up a makeshift camp near a frozen river we discovered what had dispatched the bovine, or rather they discovered us.  A pack of Jackals descended upon us, and the group fought them most bravely, however I must point out that Klein, a feathered monk of a race I had not encountered before, decimated a great number of them in what seem but just a moment.  We stacked their dead under a tree a small way from our camp and it turned out that this was a wise decision as several dire wolves were drawn to the scent of blood.  I witness several battle tactics that were new to me, one of the members used a dart enchanted with light as a flare, another barked at them, and one member about eviscerated themselves. In the end we managed to dispatch three dire wolves and had great hopes in recovering some sellable pelts, but sadly the pelts were in such bad shape as to be rejected by the local merchants.  We did manage to find a single silver coin stuck to the bottom of one of the wolves which we split among the six us, my share was a copper the first one I had earned on this island. 

The next morning, we did indeed return to explore the cave and found large webs stuck to the wall, Klein was brave enough to approach it and set it on fire with his torch.  Shockingly upon igniting the webs, what seems like an endless stream of thousands of spiders scurried out. Their bodies blanketed the walls all about us and consumed our courage as we dwelled on what bigger threat laid farther in, besides Klein seemed to have been bitten and was showing signs of  poisoning.  The decision was to return to the inn while we were yet intact concluding my first peek at what this island has in store.