DM: Tsi88

Players: Zugall, Shrieker, Lyle, Vir, Griters

Gathered at tavern. Left to find Farm. Arrived. Lady Farmer told us about laughter down the well. We went down into a watery cave area. Got grabbed by some vines that pulled me under water. Found a talking door. Interrogated talking door. Walked around a little. Found a room. Bars blocking the way. Walked around more. found some mushrooms. They almost ate me. Found a Mimic. Also tried to eat us. Killed it. Walked around some more.. Found three levers. Pulled them all at once. Opened a way to that room with the bars. Wierd Statue spoke to me. Needs powered up or something. Tried to figure out how to power up statue. Tried to take core. Got attacked by statue. Fell asleep. Dreamt of some beautiful half-orc babes. Woke up. Still aliveā€¦ Walked around a bit. Found some spiders. Killed them too. Saved the farm from the laughing door. Mission complete.