DM: Geokhan
Players: Naal Chemist, Jax, Uzza, Tohil.

This field report will be brief but will hopefully inform you of the opportunity that needs to be seized.  We set out to destroy the headquarters of the gnolls controlled by the followers of Talos.  On the second day we came across a small gnoll war band that acted in an oddly friendly manner to the part but let slip that they worked for Talos.  On their bodies we found a note that planned this trap along with an explosive device rigged to a backpack. We also learned that they did scouting with birds.

Thought the night we heard gnoll horns blow as unknown to us the Talos host was gathering. In the morning we encountered a great host in formation.  We tried various tactics to get around but decided a direct attack would be best after they received kobold reinforcements.  

None of us have fought in a battle of that size but we learned a few tricks.  Mostly that AOE’s where extremely effective.  Ones that last for some time seemed to be particularly effective as they saved spell slots. Things to watch out for in large battles against the forces of Talos are many.  They made heavy use of invisibility to bring their forces close to us undetected and had at least one caster we never killed capable of 8th lv spells who was invisible thought the battle.  Also be sure the kill the caster units quickly, having 5 fireballs drop down on one spot is painful for even the strongest of us.  And finally the gnoll heavy units are quite difficult to kill but can easily be held a bay by a few strong front line solders. 

That is about all for this report.  After half of the enemy host and the powerful mage retreated we were too weakened to strike a decisive blow to the enemy camp.  I suggest a counter attack is made soon before another host can be formed. 

  • Uzza