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We gathered up, after Khora had sent out the call that she was looking for others, who was also interested and willing to travel back to the Tempel of Umberlee.

Personally I was very interested in the Tempel of Umberlee and the secrets hidden inside and underneath it; I had already travelled there twice and both times had been in the company of Khora, so I gladly seeked her out in White Moon Cove and let her know that I myself and Avarace would gladly come a third time.
On the morning as we gathered, I found myself in the company of some familiar faces and some new ones.

We ended up being lead by Khora, a decision we reached easily, and the familiar friendly face of Plink and Pup was joining us as well.  The new faces counted Galatea, Sunny and Zak, details about the members of the party I have include seperately.

We travelled out of White Moon Cove early on a day selected by Khora, and had chosen Plink to keep sure of our heading and guide us through the more wild parts of the journey, while I had been trusted to keep my eyes open for any dangers on the road.

Our first days Journey up north along the road and then east along the coastline was uneventful, quiet and peaceful, and we did again reached the small beach cove where we had previously encountered the heavy-set grey thick-skinned unicorns.
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The first watch was held by myself and Nalkris. We ended the watch and had gone to sleep, convinced nothing had happened. I was later informed that the 2nd watch soon found a recently dead corpse of a gnomish man upon a rock a stone throw away from our camp site, whom had his stomach savagely torn upon and body ripped into a bloody mess.

While Zac and Khora had the watch, a donkey they described as looking sad, depressed and, not least of all, drenched, emerged from the beach and wandered by and further inland.

During the last watch, some distant shouts was heards and 2 large seacreatures emerged, and all of our party was awoken and things turned hostile with the creatures fast, but equally fast did the combat draw to an end, as our combined powers easily overcame these creatures, who would not stop garpling away in a tongue I could not understand, to me it sounded like random sounds someone choking on a piece of food would make most of all.

Sunny was able to relay to us, that they had said something about a Tidestone, apparently they was either seeking it or had assumed we was seeking it to take it from them, I never became sure which of those was the case, or perhaps it was something else entirely.

After the initial easy fight we had with those two, an even larger Sea Serpent appeared and attacked with bloodthirsty focus, but it was also rather easy to kill, with the entire group focusing our offensive on it.
[av_tab title=’Arrival at the tempel and initial exploration’ icon_select=’no’ icon=’ue800′ font=’entypo-fontello’ av_uid=’av-1w7cng’]
After the hectic night, we had felt a bit more weary than after a full nights rest, but still ready for exploration and made the last bit of the trek up to the ruined tempel.
Khora had found out, on a trip on which I had not been able to come along, that consuming the fruit not only made you only able to breath water rather than air, it would also last indefinitely.

Fortunately this discovery was also combined with the discovery that consuming the fruit a second time would reverse you from being only able to breath water to once again being only able to breath air.

I would go on to suggest we name this fruit in the memory of Villios, whom had died after being the first to digest these aquamarine mango-shaped and sized fruits, and there had been quick agreement with this sentiment, and someone suggested, after a few non-functional and bad name suggestions, to name the fruit “Villios Mangos”, so let them be known as such henceforth.

After we had consumed some fruits each, and taken an addtional fruit or two each to take with us, we decended into the underground complex that could be accessed from the water tunnel hidden in one of the sarcophages in the main room of the tempel.

This had lead us into a flooded room with three corridors, and we took the western most corridor and started our exploration of the flooded complex.

After finding nothing more than floating debris and nothing of value for a while, we ended up in a champer with status of Umberlee with flowing hair and shaped as if diving down, in a room full of chests, and an glowing orb in the center of the room.
The idea was made to have Avarace emerge from my backpack and touch the orb to assure against traps, given Avarace’s ability to return to life from my essense, should the worst befall him.

Unfortunately the worst did happen, and touching the orb had sprung a trap, leading to Avarace dying almost instantly and doors sliding forth, shutting us off from access to the room and a blue glow emerging from the smallest cracks at the door.

We ventured down another hallway, where a weird contraption of mechanical metallic and glass make was found, leaking a black kind of blood and sitting motionless on the flooded room floor.

Khora investigated and suddenly a forceful explosion happened and Khora was heavily damaged by it, but she did pocket a stone from the automaton, she salvaged just prior to it exploding, as far as I could tell.

We found an inscription reading “We give our all to Umberlee, in hopes that she’ll give back”, and then found a Triton who had just finished fighting creatures made of elemental water in a flooded room full of broken statues of non-humanoid creatures….
[av_tab title=’The Legendary Battle with Captain Gluugrah’ icon_select=’no’ icon=’ue800′ font=’entypo-fontello’ av_uid=’av-hevnv0′]
This Triton, having just killed what might have been magical spectres or possibly water elementals, beckoned us in the common tongue to leave, called us out as being raiders and claiming him being here first, meant the treasure rightfully belonged to him.

Before we could discuss how to react to this request or even talk back to him to utter our agreement with his close to reasonable terms, he advanced on our group in a menacing fashion, almost appearing as menacing withi his large trident and muscular body as our party member Zak, and our leader, Khora, made the call for us to go on the offensive against this creature and battle commensed.

The hallway it was attacking us in was split in two by a column, and I was fortunate enough that this Triton, named Captain Gluugrah, went the other way around the column and attacked the other members of the party rather than me, on his way past us.

First we had tried to stop his advances with magical webs called forth from a wand, as I had magically cursed him, called forth the spiritual weapon, a sword with raven covered hilt, of my Queen, and while directing this blade to attack him, I also conjured forth blasts of pure magical force, dealing damage to him, but barely leaving marks after each individual hits.

Zak was furiously attacking with his black longsword, swimming to keep pace with Captain Gluugrah between each swing, with Plink alternating between blasting pure magical force like myself and trying to use magical healing on other members of the group.
Galatea was healing, before a flurry of strikes from the Tritons Trident sent her bleeding to the group, shortly after the Trident had disposed of Khora’s magical pup.

I was loosing control of myself, just focusing on sending as much magical energy after this creature to try to stop it harming my friends, but shortly after it had disposed of Khora’s pup, and put Galatea to the ground, Sunny and Khora was knocked out, floating in the flooded room, starting to bleed out, and Plink was also out for a moment as well I think, but the battle was so intense, chaotic and emotional, it was hard to keep my mind straight.

And as we tried to get everyone back up and take him down, Captain Gluugrah simply started trying to push past us and escape, with both myself and Zak trying to stop him, and it seemed he would manage to escape, and in the last moment before he would have gone out of my reach, my magical blows knocked him unconscious and we could finish him off.

But the battle was a sour victory, as it was too late for Galatea, she was mortally wounded, and beyond any of our magical healing.
[av_tab title=’Aftermath and journey back’ icon_select=’no’ icon=’ue800′ font=’entypo-fontello’ av_uid=’av-fn4zu4′]
In the aftermath of the fight, we had 2 potions from Galatea, a tidestone and large trident from Captain Gluugrah to splint amongst us, and a stack of gold, blood money it was, truly, given it had come at the loss of a fellow travellers life.

I took none of the items, but did take my share of the blood money and must admit I had interest in the potions, but did let others keep them.

We hurried back up into the dry tempel, ate Villios Mangos to breath air again, and I called back Avarace to me from the beyond before we travelled back home, a journey that was silent and uneventful, and with a heavy cloud dampering what should have been a celebratory event.

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Nalkris would be me. I had been endowed with magical spellcasting abilities through a pact with the Raven Queen. Seeking to further her goals of destroying undead scourge of the prime material, I had travelled to the frontier, leading to my arrival in White Moon Cove. I had slowly made some friends here, to whom my abilities from my Queen proved useful.
[av_tab title=’Avarace’ icon_select=’no’ icon=’ue800′ font=’entypo-fontello’ av_uid=’av-cex6jw’]

Avarace was so much more than just a pet raven to me, perched upon my shoulder. He was a spiritual embodiment of the Raven Queens connection to me, and as her power flowed through my veins, I could obtain a connection between myself and Avarace that surpased mere friendship, at times the connection made me feel as if he was a manifestation of my own powers, albeit granted by the Raven Queen
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Well, if you need to be told who Plink was, and I don’t know why you wouldn’t already know this, he was the most brilliant Kenku bard to thread the streets of White Moon Cove and go on adventures in the area nearby. He would also play music, both on adventures or when passing time in the Axe and Thistle.
He had a very kind heart, a testiment to this is how he took in wayward creatures and cared for them better than most loving pet owners cared for their pets, but I think he motivation was always more curiosity and thirst for knowledge than the creatures well being. Being kind was just second nature to Plink.
He also seemed to manifest signs of having a pact to some other entity, not unlike myself at the time.
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Khora was a merfolk with a unique gift for tinkering with mechanical gears and clockwork objects, a sign of her gift was manifested in Pup, a fully functional mechanical, almost lifelike, clock doggo that would accompany her on her trips out on the Island, or around the streets of White Moon Cove.
Khora had a natural gift for leading people and would often be elected as the leader of the group, so we knew whom to turn to, if a situation of pressure should arise.
[av_tab title=’Pup’ icon_select=’no’ icon=’ue800′ font=’entypo-fontello’ av_uid=’av-7ivios’]

Pup was a mechanical but still almost lifelike doggo creation of Khora. As those who had met Khora and Pup saw, I have here taken some artistic liberties and gave his main body a shining red color, rather than the metallic blue present in Khora’s actual design of Pup
[av_tab title=’Galatea’ icon_select=’no’ icon=’ue800′ font=’entypo-fontello’ av_uid=’av-5vctcc’]

Galatea was a curious woman, who was able to use the magic of both bardic music and divine worship.
She worshipped Leira, the Goddess of Joy, so it wasn’t the most absurd thing for those two to mesh. Her outfit was very colorful and she had a holy symbol upon her shoulder
[av_tab title=’Zak’ icon_select=’no’ icon=’ue800′ font=’entypo-fontello’ av_uid=’av-45tg98′]

Zak was a brute, not that he was unsophisticated, but he got up close and personal with enemies and used weaponry, rather than spellcasting, like so many others of the party.
I cannot justify how menancing he and his black longsword could be in my rendition of him, but he truly was menancing to be near. He swung that black longsword with unbound furioucity and bloodthirsty strength.
[av_tab title=’Sunny’ icon_select=’no’ icon=’ue800′ font=’entypo-fontello’ av_uid=’av-34mxj0′]

Sunny wore a black dress and had skin as pale as unbaked pastry, and really dark eyes, but seemed very friendly despite how intimidating her apperance could be. She was able to yield arcane energies beyond what I had so far been gifted by my Queen

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