For too long i have been sitting inside the safety that is White Moon Cove. A human by the name of Emily, Emma, Emy, Lee-lee wanted to go adventuring. I thought to my self, “Gosh that sounds like fun. and I get to leave W.M.C. for a little bit.” We got our introductions out of the way and made way. I admitted to her I was often a little preoccupied with local fauna and critters while I trail blaze.
We followed the road for most of the day till we came upon a Bear. It was foraging for food but it should have been hibernating. We shared this consensus and to my bewilderment Emy talked to the Bear. The bear said that it had a problem with some flappy flapps and they sting. The armored Ema and I approached, sneaky like. Y’know soft clunk clunk, and a spell later we were made. So then the things got all angry and attacked. They were holding a tiny blue fairy captive. Being noble creatures we knew what we had to do. I thwacked one in the head with my club, and then Lee-Lee did something strange, cause all of a sudden a bunch of these things came out of hiding and ran away.
Things took an exciting turn when the flappy flap took off into the air, the blue one was trying to run away but the stingy ones chased after her and eventually caught her. With Ema’s help I was able to peg one after I had blinded myself. We scaled crags and cliff sides chasing after and eventually we freed her but she started a free fall. Emily quickly tied a rope around me and then kicked me off the cliff without warning me! I could have died! But I didn’t and I wasn’t able to reach the fairy in time sadly… So I cast healing word on her, and then she was healed. Then while pulling me up Ema almost dropped me! So I had to start climbing too.
We had introductions and the little blue person’s name is Tara. She’s my friend now. So we head back to W.M.C. Cause Tara is lost and wants to get back home and as her friendIfeellikeIshouldbetheonetohelpherdothatandthatisfineandstuffbutiwillbesadwhensheleavesandhastogo.
On the way home we met brad, brad was a hussie and I don’t want to talk about how I smashed him real good with my club after he got what he wanted from me. Or was I not good enough for you Brad!? You wanted Emily and Tara. Allies attacking me and all the confusion, and then the fog, and Still I smashed Brad.
On the way home we saw a couple of meteorites falling through the sky and then followed by swirling orbs. Nothing really eventful on the way home except I diverted away from a snow drift.