DM: Qarlynd
Heros: Ezhnera, Hanna, Skurkog, Delta, Toot, Koro

I Should be lounging on a couch being fed grapes by a Lion blood Tabaxi who’s chest is so rugged it could be used as an anvil. Not slogging my way to a goblin camp because the little blighters have been stealing cattle. Still I shouldn’t complain too much, my traveling companions were fine enough. Delta and Skurkog are both grand specimen of men, large and fierce they are. Koro and Ezhnera where an odd’er sort, one worshipped darkness and what he called the “Father”, the other seemed to embrace death itself to a… unhealthy degree. There was also a bird man whom everyone called “Toot”, trust this bird, he is of a good flock.

Trust me I had plenty of experience in the few hour it took us to clear out that cave. With over a half dozen Drow, and half that number of giant spiders it was a heavy fight to retake the cave. Yet there wasn’t a goblin in sight, dead or alive. It’s possible seeing the time between the Drow ousting the goblins they could have been transported to the underdark. But it is more likely they were simply feed to the giant spiders. The notion of a goblin slave seams it would be far more trouble than worth. In the fights themselves Koro succumbed to the poisons lullaby. Luckily I was ready, and after a few good shakes, he was right back at it, albeit still half under the effects. When your truly got overwhelmed by repeat applications, the party opted to clean up the last of the Drow remaining before disturbing my well earned rest.

Odds are a drow would use a poison that came from the under dark. That narrows out a lot of plants and animals ” Hanna
prods near the wound “Numb” Her eye’s flutter a bit as she thinks “and Tired, yet its middle of the day” She inspects the skin near the wound and compares it to a spider bite “Pale but unlike the spider bite no necrosis of the flesh….” She thinks for a moment “The Drow are slavers, his poison was meant to incapacitate me, not damage me, a damaged slave would be worth less” Hanna does some squats “but I can feel it wearing off, I should be good within the hour”

I digress, we tracked down the buggers and found out form their “chief” Arid they had fled their home to escape a Drow incursion. So, a deal was struck we would clear out their cave, and in return they would leave. Getting to the cave was a pain itself as the woods where seaming infested with raptors, but we made it all the same. Now here is an important note: Drow employ poisons, a lot of poisons. This particular brand drained you, leaving having sweet dreams should it over take you. Even should you starve off the worst of it, it’s still can linger in your blood for around an hour. You’ll find it difficult to think, or make your body move as it should, even in the heat of battle. I imagine this is because Drow are a slaving race, and this poison is a means for them to acquire new “stock”. Still, the poison is shoddy work, and some good shakes will jolt the victim back to conscious.

On the way back to the goblin camp more and more raptors set upon us, Delta became so enamored with their tenacity he opted to bring one back home with him. Story winds down from here, goblins payed us as promised, farmers were grateful. Then all my new friends left. Delta returned to the sea with his new pet. And Toot walked off to new adventures. Hopefully I’ll have the honor of reuniting with them in the future.

In a different place, at a different time, a large man in strange armor leaves the town and enters the sea, never to return

Toot takes the bracelet once they are back to town, and hugs everyone individually before waddling away. Just as he is about out of sight he turns around and you hear a soft, “Toot.” he then disappears over a hill… who knows if Toot will be seen again.