We found a shrine that had its icon missing. Seemed like it was built to a local deity. We helped a bugbear that was trapped under a log. His name was Mr. Mugglewort. He was separated from the rest of the Bloodeye Clan. He was travelling east to find a fisherman named Gordon who can make delicious fish sticks. However, he got trapped under a fallen tree, one of only a few trees in the area. He was well spoken for a bugbear and dignified as well. Despite his injury, he was in a cheerful mood overall.

Mr. Mugglewort. Well-mannered bugbear of the Bloodeye Clan. Enjoyed fish sticks.

We met back up with Gordon. After binding up the leg injury of Mr. Mugglewort, Gordon told us that he had seen smoke coming up from the island. We decided to wait until morning to venture to the lighthouse. As Oogway enjoyed Gordon’s famous fish sticks, Vahn recounted to Montgomery and Argon, whom were new adventurers, about what had transpired during our last time at the lighthouse:

“The room the elemental was summoned in contained an arcane circle and book we discovered but left behind before running into the pirates. The elemental ran back to that room after being damaged and we took the opportunity to escape as a large explosion of flame emitted from that room, which we took to mean nothing good for us.”


Argon had a bird of some kind as a familiar and spoke in a ragged voice behind a mask. Montgomery was a prideful elf who preferred to be called “Sir” or “General” Montgomery. Oogway seemed to enjoy following his orders as a rambunctious youth.

We went to the lighthouse and saw a man wearing a moccasin. He and the other people in the village came to the claim the lighthouse. He mentioned that he had searched the lighthouse but found no one inside, not even in the basement. We chose to inspect the lighthouse once more just to be safe. We promised to give them a warning if we saw the fire elemental again. As we were about to enter the lighthouse though, it was locked. When we asked for the key, they attacked us, claiming us to be foul interlopers. The people transformed into snake like people. A dragonborn emerged from the tent and told the people to do what they were paid to do. It’s likely that he was their leader. After fighting, many of them disengaged and jumped off the cliff. They disrobed and swam away from the island. Oogway tried to knock the dragonborn out and tried to interrogate him, but he also ran away and jumped down the cliff as well, swimming away. It was a bizarre scene, to be sure.

After searching the tent, Gaven found several scrolls resembling letters and a potion. The fire elemental was still inside the basement, but due to our injuries and weariness, we ended up going back once more…

We guided Mr. Mugglewort back to White Moon Cove. We found a very old marking was on tree that fell. It said

“Thad was here.” There was also a butterfly shaped carving and the words “g.b. <3 T.H.”

-Fallen Tree

We had a meal of raw tuna from Gordon that Vahn had caught with a vicious mockery before. I’m still not entirely sure how that worked. Contrary to common belief, raw tuna can taste excellent depending on how it is prepared as long as the blood and organs are properly removed on time. Thankfully, that was the case this time.

Tuna that Vahn caught by mocking the fish so much that it died.

During my watch in the night, I heard a loud splat landing on the road. I walked over to a find crumpled body on the pavement, its insides seeping out. It was the body of a dwarf. It’s possible that the body fell from the sky, but there were no flying creatures in the sky. Since I couldn’t ascertain where it came from, I fell asleep. Unable to bury it, we ended up leaving the dwarf’s body behind. We returned to town with the bugbear, whom went his own way afterwards, likely back to his clan.