We traveled west to find a lost mine. A yuan-ti was collapsed on the ground. After being healed, the stranger named Serasstinn warned us of crazy knolls that attacked him and his comrades that were exploring the west. He was also comrades with a treasure hunter named Darrel who was avidly interested in lost treasures. Darrel was separated from him when the knolls attacked, and his current status remains unknown. We promised to keep an eye out for him as Serasstinn headed back to White Moon Cove.

We saw an overturned carriage. Nearby were goblinoids. They told us to go away as the land was theirs. Mac started to insult them, and one goblin began returning insults. Other goblinoids farther away began moving in towards us. Gaven ended up drawing his bow, and we soon clashed with them. They weren’t too strong, and many of them fled, but one of them threw a bomb, which did some damage to the party.

Mac managed to shoot and hit a faraway goblin hundreds of feet away, which was impressive. His keen eye is not to be underestimated (even if he can get agitated quite easily)!


The rest of them fled to the plains due to their nimble nature. After searching the carriage, pendants were found that seemed to have etchings similar to those found in caves. It seemed that the goblins had once lived in caves but had chosen to leave them to live in the plains. The carriage also had a few glaives. Snipper wanted to burn the wagon, but we managed not to do so. Snipper seems to hold an obsession with starting fires… His eyes say much more than his words, though his words say plenty. He gives validity to the saying “where there is smoke, there is fire.”

When gathering food during the night, Snipper tried making the sound of a bear as a practical joke. His mind seems to crave interests, which could get vexing at times. He was alarmed by the mist, although to be fair, mist can lead to darker dealings later. Along with his mutterings to himself, Snipper is a character to keep an eye on. He also has an owl with him called Snapper. I wonder if that can get confusing for people. I will likely make that mistake in the future.

With the help of an owl through Gaven’s ability to talk to small beasts, we arrived the next day at the mines. A sign indicated that it was the Claimston Mine. We fought two creatures made out of what appeared to be glass shards. It seemed to injure those that attacked it in close quarters such as Oogway. We passed through slippery moss on the ground that made the terrain hard to traverse at times. Gaven confirmed that the animals in the cave also feared the glass shard creatures.

We later encountered kobolds holding crossbows. After some talking, we managed to convince them that we were not the ones who brought the glass creatures to the mines. They informed us that they had seen what looked like gnolls bringing the glass elementals, which they were calling the shard creatures, into the cave. They must have thought we were in cahoots with the gnolls. Gnolls are rarely good news, if ever…

Glass elementals.
Example of a gnoll.

The kobolds introduced themselves as a special task force for the kobold high king Darliserius Macamoondi. Their leader was named Sarlbodius Jarklin. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t worship dragons. Also, it seems to them the island is a continent, which makes sense given how vast the island is and likely how the kobolds have never lived elsewhere.

Sarlbodius Jarklin

In our conversation, we almost forgot that a fire had been started in the cave to smoke in the cave to weed out the glass elementals, but none of them came out.

The kobolds  followed us out of cave and gave us glass shards and some money as thanks for defeating 2 elementals. From study It seems elementals were advanced animated constructs but not major elementals such as water elementals or earth elementals. Therefore, it is possible that someone made the constructs and then gave them to the gnolls, for it is unlikely that gnolls have the knowledge to make such advanced monsters. As the kobolds headed back home, we also head back to town with the smell of loam in the wind. The soil must be getting especially fertile around these parts.

During the night, I heard wolves howling in the distance, but none came to camp. Khora found a box and shot it with an arrow, likely fearing it was a mimic. I have seen mimics that can transform into doors, so it was a valid caution. It was not, She found inside a night gown dress. Suffice to say, it was not what I expected to be found. There was also a clear liquid that turned out to be a potion of acid resistance. I declined, for I will likely not need the potion in the near future. Hopefully.