Saa, a mantis like person

Players: Several (I can’t recall everyone’s names, my apologies).

Today I noticed an interesting sight.. a person female making a loud exit through one of the buildings in Ruined Oak (through in the literal sense – she blasted a hole in the wall). Following her along with others (forgive me if I don’t remember your odd names I will endeavor to be better), she led us to the portal, sitting outside of town. She was in the process of opening a gateway when we caught up with her.
She was speaking when addressed, but in an unknown language. She then proceeded to cut a hole in her face for a mouth – it was noted she did not have one before. She started speaking another unknown language to myself. Luckily, I have the ability to magically understand such languages! I had been meaning to peruse the logs for it, to see if anyone had written in this as their native tongue, but I have not yet had the opportunity.
After casting, it transpired she was speaking somewhat slowly in basic Primordial, words such as “left”, “hunted”, “liar”, and “abomination”. After some coaxing, she agreed to come down (as she was 60 foot in the air at this point), and we figured out that she could write in Primordial, rather than injure herself in trying to speak to us.
Her name was Saa, and because of the departure of a recent adventurer, who had agreed to help Saa, but had not informed her that she would be leaving. Saa felt abandoned and unsafe. We also discussed what she was, despite her native tongue being one I could not understand, even with my knowledge of lore. Her people were also entirely unknown to me, but I have included a drawing above for reference.
We continued conversing in written Primordial, myself translating for the gathering crowd, with the help of Indr a young lady who termed herself as caught between a cold place and a hard place, being that she follows an angry snow god, and receives power from a unicorn. A rather odd situation, if you ask me.
Together we worked out that Saa was a mixed race being, who also possessed an elder shard (if I recall correctly). For this, she was shunned by her people, and hunted by those who desire her power. We told her that this was as good a place as any because all around her were people who were exactly the same, not necessarily with elder shards, but a patchwork of various races mixing together, though living peacefully. I myself know the pain of being cast out by your kin, for being different, and not meeting their expectations.
Having calmed down, Saa began performing a magic spell, that I have absolutely NO understanding of – in all my years I have never seen magic such as this (although that isn’t saying much I suppose). She created a large monolith, her story inscribed, in Primordial, upon it. A recite it for you know, and include a rough sketch of the stone 0 though you can always visit it yourself, just outside of Ruined Oak. It does not appear to be going anywhere, any time soon, what with it being a stone. Her story is included at the end of my notations.
She then grew weary, and came to rest in Indr’s arms, leaked water for some time from her eyes (very curious, though seemingly not disturbing to anyone else in the vicinity), then fell asleep. I accompanied Indr – AND GOX! Yes, Gox was there too! – back to Ruined Oak, where we left Saa to rest, and I quickly wrote down her tale, which is as follows.

Saa’s Tale

“I walk a path alone
Mutated and casted aside from my kin

Lyric, Mother I never had, abandoned me
Brother, my only true family that loved me and protected me, killed by Haru and Isaac

Born without breath, born without life, born of the blood of those before me
Through love unnatural to my kind, enbefitting to my kin, life has been given to that which shouldn’t have it
A mistake that shouldn’t have happened, an abomination, mutant, unbefitting of existance

Indr says I’m not a mistake, given life out of choice and intent, Indr is kind

Bring Shards to me, change them or do not it is your own path

No path is evil, no path is good
No paths are chaotic, no paths are lawful
There is only the self
The generations before
The generations after you”