Dear Master Loquist Faldamiare,

My last adventure was nothing to write home about. (Sorry for the pun.) But this one was truly a crossroads for me. We were informed that the gnolls in the Tempest Plains were finally moving south in an effort to exert control over the island. About a dozen of us were dispatched to prevent them from controlling a major crossroads. The journey was quick and when we got there the JUb-Jub dwarves had constructed some defensive works for us.

After arranging the works in a way that everyone was happy with we waited. It did not take long for us to hear their approach. A light fog moved in but did not hamper our vision. The gnolls had broken into three main parties, mounted units that swung around attempting to get into our rear, some skirmishers attacking our left flank, and the heavy fighting force driving down the middle.

Between some judicious application of spike growth and a fellow sorcerer’s wild magic summoning a unicorn we were able to hold the enemy at bay. Unfortunately, I allowed myself to be drawn out and was taken down. At the end of the fight one other ally and myself were the only casualties. The survivors were able to restore my life but the other man was beyond help.

We did recover some interesting items and a note telling the gnolls to go wipe out the Bloodeyes. We have alerted those that can help and now await the next clash.

Regards, Tuzok