PCs: Slagg, Kurl, Rith, Rangrim, Rig

Rig is walking on the outskirts of Ruined Oak. although nobody can be seen walking next to him he eagerly talks like he is talking to someone next to him.
Shinyskin lost caravan, Rig promise if find caravan, tell them.
Calls himself For, looks dumb.
pauses for a moment as if listening.
No, but rig not find caravan.
Evil rain, raining upwards, air tingling.
investing the strange rain.
Rig turns around and stops.
No not find much. But evil monkey trying hide.
Rig see through. Rig throw spear.
Evil monkey trying eat Rig, Rig chop head. Rig eat monkey.
Continuing , Rig enters the main street heading towards the Bitter Dwarf.
Three evil dinoskins, everyone hideing​.​​​​​​
looking to his side, continuing defensively.
No, no. Rig not fear, Rig made sure others save.
Rith throw good stone. Made elf safe.
All safe, Else Rig slay evil.
As if waiting for a response, Rig adds forcefully. 
No,no Rig invincible.
Crystal tower, Rig heard friends of yours
No friends?” shrugs But also dead spirits.
Door there and not there.
Not nice of you playing that music, made others fear.
Rig looks a bit suprised.
You did not? But Rig saw you do it.
Not nice fooling Rig.
Kinskin Slagg addicted to magic.
Slagg evil, making crystal maiden killing elf. Slagg bad kinskin.
As Rig talks about Slagg his face is more grim and he looks a little furious.
Rig should have known. Slagg, to long, evil name.
Crystal Maiden evil just killing elf.
looking to the other side.
Yes, elf was no elf. but we not know before. Was nice before.
Maybe not evil. Rig not sure. Maybe Crystal Maiden knew.
Rig not test stupid Wands. Rig wait for others finish testing.
Rig enters the Inn.
Something to drink for us.” 
looking to his ride side, seemingly hearing a response.
Oh Rig meant something to drink for Rig.

Evils to hunt

evil Monkey

don’t let monkey eat you
strong evil. But Rig stronger.
not best taste, but eatable.

evil Dinoskin

hungry and angry
Throw stone and lead it away
dumb, think stone is to eat

Evil Changeskin

tricky, true form when dead.
be wary
but not kill others just in case