RCB | Twee | goblin | 2, Ranger 2
Skittle | Brohkun | Dwarf | 3, Paladin 3
Benji | Lorquin | Khenra | 2, Cleric 2
Fireeverath | Hillval | Human | 2, Cleric 2
Canidae | Asterisk | Tabaxi | 4, Fighter 4
Nartzim | Ou-Kan | Goliath | 3, Sorcerer 3

Leader: Asterisk
Scout: Ou-Kan
Trailblazer: Twee

Mission: Roadbuilding, Briar Bypass

Goliath Sorcerer
Supreme adventurer
8 feet of chiseled muscle 



Storm Hound
Thunderous teleportation
Lightning Bite
Tribal protector
Aggressive puppy



Tower Location
200 feet west of the road
Tower at party indicator
Unknown Language
Don’t Open Dead Inside






Skeleton Archers
Stand in a group of Eight
Shoots as one
We shot first
Won’t open the door


Curious when small
Pees and bites stuff
Dangerous when big
Probably tameable
Probably just confused




Small/Medium size
Necrotic Breath
Long reach
Flees rather than dies

Let me start off by making one thing clear to all.

People are weird.

When I heard people gathered to protect workers while extending the road north, I thought. Sure thing, more roads means more travel and I do love traveling.
What I didn’t think was, “sure I’ll travel with a goblin, litterally a cat and dog walking on two legs”. Even the human and dwarf weirded me out. Weirdlings all of them.

Our leader Asterisk, the forementioned cat, lead us to a portal north of White Moon Cove, where it carefully instructed us that it might be cold inside. Again I expected a bit of snow, maybe even weather like back in the mountains. What I didn’t expect was to find the goblin Twee near death from frostbite and even shaking from cold myself. We took our time in Ruined Oak to warm up and gather workers for the roadbuilding.

On the road north we found a weird goblin well with a person at the bottom. As we got him out we learned of ogres up north attacking workers and in an attempt to get away, he had hid at the bottom of the well for the last 2 days. Appearently he had a goblin friend who were supposed to bring help, so if you, the reader of this, should meet a goblin named Qurterroy please inform him that his human is safe.

Further north we saw signs of the ogres battle, multiple battle sites were found and we decided to spend the night in an halfbroken building as it gave more cover than the bare plains.

During the night I was awoken by the sound of battle as two Storm Hounds had attacked our group. If you’ve never heard of these puppies before don’t feel too bad as they are quite rare. They are usually the familiars of tribal magicians but due also appear in the wild. If you see them on their own keep your distance, they are quite aggressive when unbound.

The next  day we started the roadbuilding, but noticed a massive tower only a few hundred feet from where we build the road. Deciding to be polite we went over to present ourself and tell them of the road about to extend to their front yard. Unfortunately nobody answered the door, but it did creep open.



Thinking it was an invitation inside we called in and saw about 8 skeletons standing inside. Lorquin, the dog, must have had trouble with necromancers before, for he tried to banish them and received a poorly aimed volley of 8 arrows. Luckily neither managed a hit so I gently closed the door, which satisfied the residents enough to not come charging out.

I should mention we heard words from inside, but none present understood the language and since we shot first it’s unclear if we’re dealing with an evil necromancer or a simple misunderstanding. We decided to not build too close to the tower, just to be prudent.

At night we camped in the open and had a few minor issues. First a small dog decided to join our camp. It was fed and seemed to enjoy us newcomers. Later a new water spring had sprung up, so we had to move the camp abit to avoid sleeping in the water. Lastly we were attack.

It was during the morning watch. 4 white flying creatures attacked the camp. They were able to breath a cloud of necrotic energy, which instantly killed many of the workers. For this I mentally named them Deathwings, though they are probably a local breed of wyrmlings or drakes.

The dog didn’t seem to enjoy the panic, so as dogs appearly do, it grew to the size of a small giant, which made even me feel small.

We dealt with the deathwings, tried half-heartedly and without success to calm the dog before chasing it out of the camp.

As the sun rose in earnest, we turned the wagons back to Ruined Oak. 3 miles of road completed and about 8 dead workers. I hope other parties have better success rates.

On the way back we found a halfling corpse, probably due to an ogre attack. We brought him back with us to be burried along with the road workers.

All in all it was quite the trip and I’m looking for ward to have another go at my new home. 

– Sincerly
     Adventurer Supreme