Konopa | Eight | Elf | 7, monk 5, Wizard 2
Neal | Nahil | Half-Elf | 6, Sorcerer 4, Warlock 2
Nartzim | Ou-Kan | Goliath | 5, sorcerer 5
Lone-Courier | Glen | Goblin | 5, Sorcerer 5
TempyVixen | Inti | Tabaxi | 5, cleric 5
FireEverath | Hillval | Merfolk | 6, cleric 6
RCB | Twee | Goblin | 4, ranger 4
SlyOkami | Don | Half-Elf | 5, Cleric 5
Olli | Tor | Half-Elf | 3, Ranger 3
Floof is Sleeping | Quil | Elf | 5, Ranger 5
Kage | Ssej | Lizardfolk | 4, Sorcerer 4
Martijn | Lashi | Kor | 7, Monk 7


Leader: Twee/Inti
Scout: Hillval
Trailblazer: Inti

Mission: Assist Darklord Fred the Second

Goliath Sorcerer
Supreme adventurer
Door Breaker



Squirrel God
Might just be a beast
Rumours of more
Lives in the mountains


Purple Worm
Forgot to chew its food
Responsible for the caves
Taste weird




Darklord Fred the Seconds protectors
Hungry for brains
Travel through portals and rocks






Darklord Fred the 2nd
Too precious to eat
A blessing to all things
Lost his subjects
Likes to play games


The corrupted
Easy to bring down
Hard to keep down
Unless you bring clerics






Darklord Fred the 1st
Quite harmless
Can be dispelled





Darklord Fred the 1st
Actually him
Fits inside a keg
Sprays foulsmelling liquid
Didn’t surive a papercut





Usually when I leave the cities, it’s in a rather small group, rarely more than 7 adventurers at a time. However, when going to the underdark to battle the enemies of a Darklord, it seemed prudent to bring some backup.

On our way to the underdark, we stopped by The Swollen Tooth in, a nice busy place with plenty of kobolds and nice service. Quite the perfect place for a weary traveller to stop by. I hate to say that it has been devastated, but more on that later.

In the mountains we saw a squirrel casually eating trees, our drow companion exclaimed it was a god and started praying. Our clerics disagreed. I can’t say who was right, but I do like the idea of someday riding a giant squirrel god.

Entering the Underdark we found quite a nice abandoned house. Talking some time to talk to the local farmstock and checking the building we learned that Darklord Fred was a pestilence on the lands and the weird bat, rat, dragon thing behind the building (I never saw it myself) hated them with a passion.

Going deeper we met a Worm, which decided I looked like a meal. I didn’t see most of the fight as I was busy not being digested. Thankfully my companions dealt with the beast and I climbed out the same way I entered. Ssej, our local connoisseur of all things edible, cooked up a bit of the meat, allowing me to get back at the worm.

From here it wasn’t far until we reached the drow fishing village. Here we learned, once more, that Darklord Fred was a pestilence on the underdark and his name was always followed by spitting on the ground. We spend some time sleeping before following their directions.

If you want to follow our tracks just remember, cross the room from the fishing village, the go forward in the first to intersections, in the third you take a right.

Here you end up in a room with plenty of stalagmites, and according to rumours, flesh eating creatures on the ceiling. We didn’t see those. In the room there is a pair of doors, touch the doorknob and you’re teleported away. Of course we did so.

Safety isn’t in our repertoire.

We ended up in a room of blood red light. In here we encountered three illithids and our cat-like weirdling spoke with them for a bit. There seemed to be some confusion, so to avoid death we surrendered our weapons. At this point we learned that “Darklord Fred” and “Darklord Fred the Second” are two different entities.

One of the Illithid opened a portal to get Darklord Fred the Second, a cheerful Flumph, who had lost his followers to the evil Darklord Fred the First. He gave us three different directions to the firsts location, which we checked with the Illithids which gave us the correct directions. They then teleported us back to the door with our weapons.

Again, if you want to follow our tracks. From this open cave head back the same way you came, then take the intersections as follows. Forward, Right, Forward, Right. With this you end up in a large room with a staircase and a giant monolith chained to the walls.

For the less avid reader of journals I advice you to take a look at Gorgontillian the Primordial as this seemed similiar. The Monolith had writings in three languages, Celestial, Primordial, and Infernal.

The first line said “Store” in celestial, “Protect” in primordial, and “Maintain” in Infernal.
The second line said “Unified” in Celestial, “Order” in Infernal, and “Imprison” in Primordial.

The meaning of all this is beyond me, but I feel it might be important to others later.

So we entered.

Inside we had a path surrounded by darkness. As we went further in corrupted spirits attack. At first it was just a few, but more kept coming. I doubt we ended up slaying less than 50, maybe twice that, I lost count. Unfortunately Tor, my weirdling companion from our last outing to the mire, had died. Luckily Hillval, Nahils manservant, had prepared for such an outcome and brought him back to life.

Tor did seem a bit weirder than usual. His new life came with an extra eye and a colder touch.

Resting for a while before heading into Darklord Fred the First castle. In here we were greeted by 5 humanoids, which summoned an astral image filling the entire room with power. It mocked us for a while before Inti dispelled it.

It took a bit before he came back, quite flustered as we started to ignore him and check our surroundings. It took a bit, but we found some hidden rooms, one of which held the true form of Darklord Fred the First. We grabbed him we attempted to store him in Lashis keg. Unfortunately he got a small cut and bled out in seconds. It was too bad, I wanted to see what sort of justice Darklord Fred the Second would demand.

We cleared the area, freed the imprisoned Flumph and headed back to the Illithids. Our mission done, Darklord Fred the second offered to have the Illithids transport us home. We accepted but in a bit of confusion asked to be transported to the inn instead. Arriving their the Illithid transporting us asked if this was our home. We kindly explained it was not, after which he started slaughtering any kobold in sight.

Too tired a weary from our fights we did nothing, except from having the Inns owner brought to safety.

I fear this last part of our journey is what will haunt my Nightmares.

– Ou-Kan


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