Nartzim | Ou-Kan | Goliath | 6, Sorcerer 6
Lone_Courier| Glen | Goblin | 6, Sorcerer 6
RCB | Twee | Goblin | 5, Ranger 5
Wade | Till | Human | 7, cleric 1, sorcerer 6
Geo | IronAle | Halfling | 5, Barbarian 5
Canidae | Asterisk | Tabaxi | 5, Fighter 5

DM: Sephora

Leader: Ou-Kan
Scout: Glen
Trailblazer: Twee

Mission: Bring back “Mine”

Goliath Sorcerer
Supreme Snack
Famous Chronicler



Red are smarter
Utilize monsters
Bad at ambushing




Strange Gnome
Lost his monster
Friendly enough



The Three Billy Goats
Survivors of the abandoned Farm
Used for bait


Flying undead aberation
Magical and enraged
Long tentacles
Nommed my face



You know what they are
Enraged and dangerous

Meteor Stone
Large Boulder
Eminating heat
Roughly 7000 lbs

I realise that you, my fan and reader, have been waiting for the next iteration of my adventures, and I’m sorry too have kept you waiting for this long, as I’ve managed not one but two adventures. I did consider making this a double issue, but due to recent events I don’t think my mind is up for it, but more on that in my next journal.

This adventure started, as so many before it, in White Moon Cove. More specificly the tiny creature know as a gnome made a visit to our local inn to request help. He’d lost his Mine, a creature stitched together from dead adventurers, and it was rampaging the area around his farm. We agreed to help out and attempt to get it back to him alive.

We traveled by foot, while he jumped through a portal. On the road our sharp-eyed caster of fire and lightning, Glen, noticed a cultist ambush. Moving around them we managed to turn the encounter around on them. It was a brief affair that left us with a single prisoner. We handed him over to the Spider Reach Outpost.

When we finally reached Ezikiels farm, he pointed us westward to an abandoned farm, where he suspected Mine would be close by. We moved there and set up an ambush, placing three goats in the middle to lure him in.

A handful of hours into the night, the attack came, but none of us saw it coming. The fight was intense and I’m starting to fear monsters developed a taste for goliath flesh a while back.

Of course we succeeded in defeating the creature, but as it feel to the ground it broke and died.

We expected to sleep through the night, but were rudely awakened twice. The first time by a gang of cultists bringing their own monsters along. The second time by a gang of gnolls looking for weakened prey. Both were brought down, but I have to admit, even if it pains me to do so, that it was not easy, and not due to my strength of arms.

Without the competent team at my back I would not have survived.

By morning we delivered the carcass to Ezikiel. He was a bit put off by it being dead, as we had expected to bring it back alive but unconscious. He was however distracted by information given by Till concerning is grandchildren and a being called Jabb… Or Jebb… Or something starting with a J-ish sound. Not Jamb though.

Ezikiel did however request that Sneks would be brought to him. I don’t quite get why, but it seemed a Key the kobold-creature carried was quite important. If the logs are to be believe this is not an easy request, as he was taken by Gnolls near their homelands.

We headed back to spiders reach for a safe nights rest, where the guards informed us of trouble at the local mine, which they needed some fresh adventurers to check out.

Near home we found a crater by the road. Inside laid a large magical stone, presumable blessed by Grumbar, eminating heat. Knowing of its power I decided to carry it out at place it by the road. I’d planned to bring it all the way to town, but my hands had blistered and burned by the time I got out the crater. If you plan to come by the stone please bring a cart along. It would be nice to get it back to town, maybe someone can harness its power to help keep the town safe.

– Ou-Kan


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