Tsi88 | Irongonzo | Human | 2, Warlock 2
Fearless | Tenfoll’at | Hobgoblin | 3, Warlock 1, Wizard 2
RCB | Twee | Goblin | 2, Ranger 2
Skittle | Brohkun | Dwarf | 3, Paladin 3
FireEverath | Hillval | Merfolk | 2, Cleric 2
Nartzim | Ou-Kan | Goliath | 3, Sorcerer 3
Kudolink | Indarasul | Human | 4, Paladin 4

DM: Geokhan

Leader: Ou-Kan
Scout: Tenfoll’at
Trailblazer: Twee

Mission: The Tree of Death

Goliath Sorcerer
Supreme adventurer
Potential Rock Golem 


Frightening eyebeams
Can throw you around
Pop when squashed




Old Crone
Nice tea
Enjoys visitors





Trees location
Located in a valley
Should be easy to find
Except for illusions
And Blights
Beware of ambushes

Hides as trees
Hard to spot
Warns the tree
Easily replaceable

Sixed legged
Petrification Gaze
Nice hoard of gold



Tiny creature
Strong magic
Quite Helpful
Reponds to silver bell

Rumours in the strangly named tavern “Axe and Thisle” goes that a tree is going on a major killing spree up in Neathys Wood. Since I’ve never seen such a sight the opportunity wasn’t to be missed. Along a group of weirdlings I traveled from Black Footpad Inn up to the wise crone living in a tree. 

On the way we ran across half-eaten bisons and was ambushes during the night by a pack of Gazers, nasty things that gave me a shiver down the spine until I realised the can be crushed like any other bug. If you ever plan to meet such creatures yourself I suggest bringing a Hillval along, that kid can be a blessing to have around. We also found a severed hand clutching a note in the mouth of a dead gazer. I’ve pinned it to the bottom, so feel free to read it yourself.

At Gwenolyn we had a nice cup of tea, while she told us of the tree. Appearently a coven of hags had created it and their power fed it strength, which was why she had played them against each other until only one remained. Having never tried my arm against a hag it would have been an interesting adventure, but unfortunately we were too late, another group of adventurers had already taking care of it. This left the tree without their power to strengthen it. 

Gwenolyn told us where to find the Tree and gave us a silver bell to summon Mindel the Valient Warrior. She would aid us if able, but only when we got close enough. 

On another note Gwenolyn seemed to be busy dealing with alot of problems around Neathys Wood and I’m sure she would appreciate any help adventurers could bring her. A blood cult seems to receive supplies from the mainland, they should have a small base along the coast to the northeast of the woods.  Additionally we saw a wyvern fly to its nest in the same direction, and found a cottage ravaged by weremen, a group lead by a lizardfolk was chasing those and told us the pack included 6 members and was lead by a werewolf named “Whitecoat”. They were heading north as well.

We traveled to the north in search of the tree. Along the way we discussed plans to draw the tree out of hiding and into a trap, but couldn’t figure a good way to do so. The problem was the blights under its command. These buggers can appear as any tree or bush in the woods and report directly to the tree. Any ambush we attempts could easily be reversed on us.

It never became a problem though.

During the night we were met by two beings. The first a goliath from the mountains who had met a tragic end and had gone on the road to suffer until death. He told us the blood cult had moved deeper into the JubJub. We fed him and let him keep on the walking.

The second was a Dracolisk. It struck during the night. It was fast as the only one to react before it struck was Brohkun the cautious dwarf. He was rewarded with a gaze that turned him to stone before our eyes.

We quickly dispatched of the dracolisk, but Brohkun didn’t reverse his transformation. Knowing none of us had the magic to save him we instead rung the bell of Mindel. A small fairy appeared and turned our weird friend back to his fleshy self.

Mindel had been hunting the dracolisk, appreciated us killing it and lead us to its lair in the morning to loot. It seems dracolisks are enough dragon to gather a hoard.

We told Mindel of our intentions to bring down the tree, and had she been more of a vicious creature she might have laughed herself silly at the though. Instead she told us we wouldn’t survive with just our strength and suggested asking stronger adventurers to attempt it.

Appreciating the warning, but wanting more information she told us much of the tree.

It could create enough blights on its own that thinning their horde was a useless endeavor. It commanded strong magic and any force trying to bring it down should bring countermeasures, or have a strong resistance against poison and having their life force drained. The horde of blights should be dealt with using large explosions or some other widescale devastation.

She also told us the tree had taken roots in a valley to the north, but that it was capable of changing our perception of the woods to its desire. In other words, don’t trust anything when you enter its lair or area.

With this we turned back towards the city. We found a corpse on the way with another note. It didn’t make much sense to me, but I’ll pin it so it might find its rightful owner someday.


In summary:

The tree is located in the northern part of Neathy Woods.
It’s surrounded by a horde of blights.
It will attempt to ambush anyone getting close.
It will use tactics to draw attackers in close to drain their lifeforce.
Counter magic and high spell resistance are necessary.
Large scale attacks might deal with the blights.
Mindel might help, her bell can be picked up at the archieve.
Gwyndolen’s grandsons might help the fight, ask Gwenolyn on the way up north.
Don’t trust your eyes in the area, illusions might hide the truth.
Blights can appear as regular trees and bushes.

Other notes:

Blood cultists have moved into the JubJub.
They receive supplies from the mainland.
There should be a small base near the coast.
Yarsby the Dwarf should know more.
He might be found in White Moon Cove.

A pack of 6 weremen are roaming the area.
Their leader is named Whitecoat.
A group of tribal men lead by a lizardfolk is leading the hunt against them.






Sincerly – Ou-Kan



Notes pinned to the bottom of the log

Note found on in the backpack of a dead dwarf.

Note found grasped in the severed hand in the mouth of a gazer.