Taka | HC375 | Half-Orc | 1, Barbarian 1
Nartzim | Ou-Kan | Goliath | 3, Sorcerer 3
Fearless | Tenfoll’at | Hobgoblin | 3, Warlock 1, Wizard 2
TempyVixen | Inti | Cleric | 3, Cleric 3
Martijn | Shamsiel | Aasimar | 4, Sorcerer 4

DM: Calmseeker

Leader: Inti
Scout: Ou-Kan
Trailblazer: ???

Mission: Collecting Components

Goliath Sorcerer
Supreme adventurer
Heroic Headcrusher




Master Brewer
Wants to make wine
Monastary work






Friendly soul
Likes red food
Lost a spawn





Landstuck Ship
Middle of the plains
Full of undeads




Leader of the undead
Tried to recruit us
Doesn’t like questions





Cursed by a necromancer
Can’t east or sleep¬†
Can’t feel warmth

Sitaris vampire spawn
Followed by a skeleton
Drowned in small river




Grassing outside WMC
Friendly enough
Maybe tasty

Surrounded by weirdlings I set out on another epic adventure lead by the back-leg walking cat Inti. We quickly found our way to Black Footpad Inn where our employer, an old brewer, waited. He wanted some grapes and rice from the area to the east. It sounded easy enough and a quick dicegame later we learned the boars usually flock to these plants, so following their trail would make the job no problem at all.

Before we headed off to sleep a carriage arrived and a Vampire names Sitaris asked for our assistance. Not one to turn down a fellow in need, our leader Inti took the chance and learned his spawn, a woman names Annabelle, had fled his service and was hunting unregulated. Giving us a vial of his blood to draw her attention he suggested we used a river of running water to sap her strength. Appearently vampires have some weird weaknesses, but I’m not one to deny good advice and he did make it sound like she would have gold.

Heading out to the plains we planned on clearing both the assignments, first of was the golden rice, which we picked with grace, before noticing a landlocked ship in the middle of the plains. Just to make it clear, we’re talking about a days journey from the coast, and though I personally can’t stand the sea ship usually doesn’t seem to mind too much.

Looking closer a boar had run inside, so being careful we followed it inside. Here we found notes in elvish, which Shamsiel translated. It told us they were fleeing the sea and a mage had helped enchant them to move the ship further inland, even post-mortum.

At this point we should probably have realised we would be dealing with the undead, but were still surprised to hear a Wight ask if we wanted to help move the ship. When we askes for clarification it attacked, clearly adverse to the concept of answering a question with a question.

We dealt with it and the rest of its zombified crew.

During the nights rest I spotted a red light in the distance and had Inti check it out. Turned out to be glowing red eyes. Knowing vampires were in the area we quickly woke the rest of the group up, only to learn the stranger were a man cursed by a necromancer. He was walking around searching for said necromancer, a worshipper of Loviatar. Unfortunately he didn’t know much more than that and neither did we. Suggesting he went to White Moon Cove to ask around was the best we could come up with.

He sat down to enjoy the fire for a bit, before heading back off into the night.

The next day we headed into Neathys Wood to look for the grapes. We quickly located both the grapes and signs of a vampire feeding of a badger. Gathering up the grapes first we then set up an ambush. Crawling into the bushes we dumped the blood next to a shin-deep river.

Waiting for the vampire I mentally prepared to jump out, grab the vampire and somersault into the water. When she finally arrived and I got my chance, HC375 the half-orc ex-prisoner running with us, got to her first. This meant all I had to do was knock her head with my maul until she stopped squirming.

A job well done.

Gathering her silver ring, which identified her as a servant of Sitaris, we started heading back to the inn. Having fulfilled both the objectives we turned in the rice, grapes and ring.

The pay was great and our vampire lord paid for food and lodging for the night.

On our trip back to white moon cove we had a bit of time to enjoy the sight of a pegasus and chat with some worried merchants.

All in all, quite a nice outing.







 Sincerly РOu-Kan