FireEverath | Hillval | Merfolk | 3, Clericc 3
Nartzim | Ou-Kan | Goliath | 4, Sorcerer 4
TempyVixen | Inti | Tabaxi | 3, Cleric 3
Geokhan | IronAle | Halfling | 4, Barbarian 4
Skittle | Brohkun | Dwarf | 3, Paladin 3
Tsi88 | The Amazing Gonzo | Human | 3, warlock 3

DM: Tam

Leader: Inti
Scout: Ou-Kan
Trailblazer: Ironale

Mission: Exploration of QDE

Goliath Sorcerer
Supreme adventurer
Future Cavalier




Giant Constrictor Snake
Prefer furry meat
Delicious with pecan nuts



Varied sizes
Big teeth



Old Scrofa Boar
Huge bacon
Wandered alone

Its time to check more of this Island, the idea of being the first mainlanders to walk these parts had a certain charm to it, so when Inti set off for the portal I gladly offered to carry the return stones. Coming through the portal a second was even worse than the first time. It might be due to the contrast in temperature, because the jungle we arived in was a heatstroke waiting to happen.

I wasn’t the only one feeling the cold, and the dear Gonzo didn’t even have my magic to protect against the worst of it. Luckily we brough along enough holy folk to make the trip back and forth at leasure if needed.

Wanting to learn of the new area Inti instantly went to check out the surrounding, he quickly spotted signs of snakes. The idea of what Brohkun could dish up if he had some snake meat made my mouth water so we struck.

The snake was a bit larger than expected and might have eaten Inti or Ironale whole if not for magic intervention. Also it wasn’t alone. Luckily enough strikes with a maul will bring down even these huge creatures.

Having secured the meal for our trip, we traveled west, leaving the jungle and entering the open plains, for the rest of the day. We saw magnificient creatures on our trip. Huge elephants wandered the plains, and someday I’ll find a way to ride along with them. Somehow.

Further along the way westward we heard roars and shrieks of animals. Inti went to check it out but was spotted by a pack of large dinosaurs assaulting a incredible huge dinosaur. It was a beautiful sight, but with them closing on Inti there wasn’t much time to enjoy it, as smashing heads took precedent.

We went a bit further before settling for the night enjoying Brohkuns cooking and getting some well-earned rest.

In the morning we headed northeast seeing ostriches and a huge boar, but nothing too out of the ordinary. It was a nice walk and the night was calm. It was alot safer to camp here than around Neathys Woods.

From here we went sotheast heading back to the portal and home to White Moon Cove.

The area around the portal is wild. Creatures are huge, even for me, but with a good team it should be fine to explore. Just be sure not to let a snake eat you.





Sincerly – Ou-Kan